Margin Debt Redux

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The following was kindly contributed by Paul from Maine……..

I’ve been fiddling with some numbers in Excel and thought you’d find it interesting. It concerns the correlation of NYSE margin debt with the S&P 500.

Margin gives investors and traders the opportunity to borrow money in order to enhance their returns. NYSE margin debt concerns the aggregate value borrowed by all participants utilizing that particular exchange.


Forecasting the S&P 500…My Dumb Luck?

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My post of April 5, 2014 refers.

The following Daily chart of the ES (S&P 500 E-mini Futures Index) shows what happened from that date up to the present. The ensuing swings overshot my projected targets a bit, and it took a bit longer for the “FROTH” level around 2100 to be reached, but price action generally followed the path that I forecast a year ago…price has been consolidating, basically, below that level since December 2014. Additionally, volatility did become the “name of the game” over those weeks and months, as I had anticipated.


Globalist Financiers Fleece Greece

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Greece was brought to her knees at the hands of its corrupt political class elites with the full support of an avaricious international banking cabal. Please don’t put the blame on the little old lady pushing her Gyro cart up the steep streets of Kolonaki. She was perfectly within her rights to assume that the leadership of her country knew what the hell they were doing whilst managing her distinguished nation’s finances.

Yet today, she has taken the full brunt of the fiscal pain, while those most responsible for this massive over leveraged abomination, namely the Greek political family dynasties and their complicit int’l banksters, continue to bask in the sun off of Mykonos on their luxury yachts.

Along with the privilege of leadership comes responsibility, it’s way too easy to simply blame the little people. (more…)

Big Caps Fizzle While Nasdaq & Foreign Markets Sizzle

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The following Year-to-Date Percentage Gained/Lost graphs are presented without individual comment to, simply, show where money has flowed in a variety of world markets since January of this year (until Friday’s close).

This year, the majority of the money has flowed into the Nasdaq, Biotech, Homebuilders, Healthcare, the U.S. Dollar, U.S. Bonds, Silver, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. The Dow 30, S&P 100, and S&P 500 Indices have remained, basically, flat, while Dow Utilities, Dow Transports, and Nasdaq Transports are down on the year, and Small Caps have made some minor gains.


U.S. MAJOR SECTORS + Biotech (more…)