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I am so, so sorry for the audio on this video; even though I used my nice microphone, the stupid program I am using defaulted to my internal laptop microphone, so it sounds pretty awful. Again, I am really sorry; you can hear what I'm saying, but there's a lot of background noise. I just didn't feel like doing the entire thing over.

Gold Bugs are Weird, Man………

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I think the next time I decide to talk about shorting gold, I'll insult people's religions instead. It probably will cause less offense. I was surprised at the emails I got about my gold shorts. One guy strongly implied I was lying about my profits altogether.

I'm a chartist. I don't care what I'm trading. I have no allegiance to any industry. So you gold bugs really shouldn't get your panties in a bunch if I'm shorting precious metals.


Starter Set of Longs

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At some point, we're going to get a meaningful rally. And I'd rather not be caught empty-handed when it finally kicks in.

I have selected thirty tickers that seem to have a good potential for a rise and have decent stop prices. These are not "lottery plays". I want to see the market in really bad shape before I plunge into those again. But, for what it's worth, here is my starter set of longs and their stops:

ANR 16.69
APA 57.76
ARE 40.49
ATW 13.93
BHI 26.75
BIG 12.61
BLK 96.18
CAM 18.01
DHR 50.99
DRYS 3.25
DSX 10.54
EAC 18.43
ECA 35.69
EP 6.85
ERTS 15.92
EWT 6.60
FST 13.67
HAL 15.88
LINE 13.26
NFX 19.50
NYX 16.31
PX 57.60
RIO 11.84
SFD 6.58
SOHU 43.99
TXN 14.49
UNP 37.08
UWM 12.31
WYN 3.18
XRX 5.28

Some Things Take a Little Time

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I first mentioned PSYS as a short back in November. It is down huge today, and I'm still going to hold on to this short. This just goes to show that sometimes things take a little time.

I have more cash in my account (doing nothing) than ever. I just don't feel this is a great time to be enormously long or short. I am amassing a list of my potential long positions, but I sure would get more excited about them with an S&P in the low 600s.