Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

Street Update (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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Tough week for me so far… Still homeless, extracted what I could out of my TLT short on Monday then took the rest of it in an a dark alley and shot it in the head with a 5% loss.

I have been having a hard time making new friends out here, but I recently met a nice group of guys who said I could join their local amateur baseball team. I’m looking forward to some fun games on the weekend to keep my mind off of things; however, since I joined some small creepy dude has been showing up every day saying, “Nathaniel, come out and playee-aye.” Then when I do go out to play, he tries to smash a bottle over my head or shoot me. WTF?

I’m at Kinko’s right now (just finished baseball practice) and scanned in Stun Gun’s latest chart.

I would like to see us break through that down sloping black trendline for the bear party to continue before we meet up with that rising black trendline. If we do break it soon without a reversal, support would be at 1010. If we did have some sort of rip-roaring rally, resistance would be at 1120’s (if we went straight up, I mean rip-roaring here-very doubtful).

The folks at Kinko’s are giving me odd looks and I think they are calling the cops, so I’m out of here. Good luck!