The Beatles: So What?

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Apple's home page was breathlessly awaiting some huge, life-changing announcement that was even reported on Page One of this morning's New York Times:


So……….does Apple have a cure for cancer? Have they put the first human on Mars? Have they brought lasting peace to the Middle East?

No; the agreed-upon rumor is that they're going to let people download Beatles songs.


Anyone who likes the Beatles at all – and, I assure you, I'm a huge fan – already has the CDs and has put the music into iTunes. I've been listening to the Beatles on iTunes for years.

Here's a fun Tim Trivia tidbit: my first real job was at Apple as its Music Marketing Manager (seriously!), and the first thing I was told was about the legal problems with the "other" Apple. Apple Corps, which is the holding company for the Beatles, had a long-running suit against Apple Computer. Now, over two decades later, the Beatles are finally going to let people buy songs online.

You don't know how lucky you are, boy.


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