Apple Investors Have Jumped the Shark

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OK, if there ever was a sign to short the living daylights out of AAPL, this is it:


An entire conference has been put together (which you can attend for $395) whose sole purpose is to talk about trading AAPL. Featuring Dancing-with-the-Stars celebrity Steve Wozniak, who will spin old yarns about his experience in the 1970s when he actually worked there.

Stick a fork in it, folks. We have reached complete cultural saturation. I'll say what no one else will dare say: not only will AAPL not reach the trillion-dollar market cap which seems to be a universal given, but it will lose half its value within the next three years.

This "summit" is just about the dumbest thing I've ever seen since the late-90s bubble. And I say this as a former Apple employee, 1984-Macintosh buyer, first-day iPhone buyer, first-day iPad buyer, and all-around Steve Jobs worshipper.