Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Going Long the Euro

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Well, given my disposition, this is a "man bites dog" kind of post, but I've put together a large long position on the Euro via FXE, and I've also got a long position on crude oil (USO) for the ride. These items are, errrr, not much affected by Internet IPOs, and I think it's high time for a nice bounce.

I assure you, my ultimate goal is to short the bejesus out of everything in sight once we get a substantial lift in commodities. Until then, I want to try to benefit from some of the "extraordinary measures" that are bound to be taking place soon.


Forbidden Terms As Of Today

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Now that, thank God, the Facebook IPO is behind us, effective immediately, new Federal regulations expressly ban the following terms within the fifty United States and its territories:

0518-smug + Any ostensibly clever use of the word "Like" (e.g. "Investors 'Like' This IPO")

+ Adidas flip-flops

+ Any reference to Sean Parker

+ Any reference to the renouncement of U.S. citizenship by Eduardo Saverin

+ "Harvard dorm"

+ "Zuck"

+ "Hoodie"

 Your compliance is expected.