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Senso Unico

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I got word from a Sloper yesterday that an arch-enemy of this blog had poured a huge portion of his portfolio into FB and YELP at much higher prices. I'm too classy to name names, but I'll just say it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Remember: Slope & Tim=good. Enemies of Slope=evil. It's easier to remember, and it's the truth.


Flight to Quality (by Phantomcapital)

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Over the past three years we have been beaten over the head with the concept of flight to quality; simply as the equity market falls the bond market rallies.  Global unrest crushes equities, the warm fuzzy blanket of Quantitative Easing rallies equities.  Now I present to you the idea of equity flight to quality.  Huh?  Yes, flight to equities for safety.

Here is the theory.  If I’m a global fund manager, especially in Europe, I’ve seen my local stock markets get crushed so I need to find somewhere to put my money.  I don’t trust European bonds, I don’t trust European stocks.  Precious metals are volatile especially if based on the wrong currency.  So I look across the pond and see US Treasuries and US equities.  US Treasuries are offering record low yields; the 10 year just fell to 1.5% and that just doesn’t look very appealing.  This leaves US stocks. 


The Launch

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I've decided to release my new project tomorrow, June 1st. I've been at work on it for quite some time, and although I'm very proud of ProphetCharts, this new creation is, I think, my best idea (errr, it's not a chart package – – something quite different). I'm quite excited about it, and I hope you like it. I'll be putting up a post and video at midnight. Thank you.