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Adventures In Stupidity (by Mark St.Cyr)

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I can’t help but start with a quote I quipped a while ago when I
would be either joking with someone or I was trying to politely express
my bewilderment to someones statements or actions. However today I don’t
say it with tongue in cheek. I truly mean it.

“Some look at things and ask why…I look as some things and say: You have got to be kidding me!” (It was hard not to type the F bomb)

We find up until the last moments the Mayor of New York City was still fixated that the marathon would take place on Tuesday. In some convoluted
rationale he tried to make his case to proceed with the marathon as
some form of noble gesture. Noble doesn’t come to mind. A sheer act of
stupidity along with his indignant demeanor for anyone questioning his
actions is what was more on display than anything else.