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What Do You Mean There Are Consequences? (by Mark St.Cyr)

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With only days passing since the presidential election. It would seem
the rainbows, and unicorns that most John or Jill Public believed were
to arrive are now morphing into shapes more in line with gargoyles under
darkening skies.

Clarity has arrived, and what has become apparent is this: It’s not
what Wall Street, businesses, and many others wanted, or expected. Never
the less consequences either good or ill are going to be felt with such
immediacy John and Jill will have no time in truly understanding why.
After all, they’ve been told by the so-called “Smart crowd” in the
financial media, cables shows, network news, print, and more that the
government, or Federal Reserve can fix everything. All I’ll say is this:
“Sure they can. Want to buy a bridge?”