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On Sale, Huh?

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There’s a precious metals dealer in my town that has, in recent years, been paying for very big ads in the local paper. Until recently, their headline read “Record gold prices? It is only the beginning!”

For obvious reasons, they’ve moved away from that headline, since it stopped being true, oh, about two freaking years ago. Now they’ve got a much smaller ad with a much different headline:

0430-mish (more…)

A Product Apple Never Made: the iCahn

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Back on April 2nd, I did this post stating that I was shorting Nuance that day, in spite of Carl “Hello?” Icahn buying up a big stake in the company (which one wouldn’t normally associate with future lower prices).

I’ve marked with an arrow the day I did the post. Although the stock dipped afterward, it did push the position into a loss for a little while with subsequent strength, but this morning took care of all that. Nuance is presently down nearly 20%, and I’ve covered to take a profit. It just goes to show one mustn’t always be scared of really handsome, sexy billionaires. Often the chart is still right. (more…)