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Welcome To Keynesian Shangri-La

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Welcome to your new destination. A place once believed only to exist in the imaginations of dreamers, and Keynesian’s the world over. A place where market fundamentals, free markets, and more seem to no longer have relevancy in the world. However, make no mistake about it – we have now arrived.

The Keynesian argument has been made for decades. I wonder if the man (John Maynard Keynes) would be impressed with just how much his ideology is so vehemently held in the halls of academia and political circles. Many religious devotees pale in comparison. (more…)

Hedging GLD, Before And After Its Recent Drop

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Gold Bugs Crushed

Hey fellow Slopers,

As Tim noted on Friday (“Kooks’ Last Stand”), the collapse in gold and its SPDR tracking ETF GLD has been shocking, particularly to those who figured QE Infinity would drive gold prices to new highs. Back in January, I posted a couple of GLD hedges. In this post, we’ll take a look at how one of them reacted as GLD dropped on Friday. Then we’ll look at a way to hedge GLD now. (more…)