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Weekly Charts – Thoughts on Gold

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Happy Canada Day to Canadian friends and Happy Independence Day to American friends!

The Macro chart that caught my attention this week was on Bonds and is shown below.  It’s pretty self explanatory. We have a good 7 year channel in place with many tests to the upper and lower trend lines. The break outside the channel is a warning flag that something is changing.  Price will likely fall back into the channel but breaks outside of well established channels require consideration. (more…)

Bond Bubble Blabber Blather……………… BDI

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Crystal ball, descending line graph and share prices. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

Have you noticed that the extremely well respected bond fund managers Jeffery Gundlach & Bill Gross have been out in force all over the financial media in a concerted effort to assure us that the sharp spike in bond yields is nothing to get too concerned about?  Anytime big league fund mangers are overtly delivering sure-fire batting instructions and pitching perfectly timed advice on the markets, my antennas go up as I become suspicious of a dastardly curve ball heading directly for the plate.  Why now and why such persistent prognostic public pronouncements over the stadium’s loud speakers? (more…)

Brave New World Series: 2 – Fleas and Fibonaccis

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I started writing a post talking about the 2011-13 rising wedge target and after a lot of work I have divided that into two posts that I will post on today and tomorrow.

This first post will lay out the theoretical basis for my analysis and is going to be a little dense. If you don’t much care for math and TA theory you can skip onto the next in the series which I will be posting tomorrow and see the short version with an explanation of the current setup and the two previous examples on SPX that I am treating as comparable. (more…)

Uranus is Bleeding

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I would love to be able to say to you that God came to me in a dream last night and provided me clairvoyance as to the future of the equities market. Sadly, I did have dreams all last night, but they were – and I am not making this up – about urea. I learned recently that there is a futures market in the stuff, and I guess my subconscious found this deeply troubling, so I spent an entire night dreaming about talking with loved ones about urea. . (more…)