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Horizontal Hoedown – Part One

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About these charts: In spite of this year being the hugest surge in equities since 1997, I am still seeing a remarkable number of excellent short setups. I specifically concentrated on those which featured a substantial amount of overhead supply, against which current price levels were approaching. Some of these are more timely than others, but all of them are at, or near, levels that present attractive risk/reward ratios. I have gathered them into three parts. The first I present Saturday; the second on Sunday, and the third – exclusively for Slope+ members – also on Sunday. (more…)

So Worldly, So Welcome

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Years ago, there was a notion of a “one decision stock” – you just buy it and hold it forever. Visa and MasterCard seem to fit this category. These things are borderline freaky. Month after month, year after year, they just keep charging higher. Near-monopolies are pretty sweet, if you can get the work. Twitter and Google have nothing on these guys.

Visa MasterCard