Daily Archives: December 26, 2013

Every Month a Crash

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More than a couple of decades ago, a very talented programmer introduced me to a common phrase that engineers use when queried (by management) as to when such-and-such a product was going to be finished: “Real Soon Now.” It was a delightful phrase, because in three words, it captured the condescension programmers have for management as well as the wily deceit they need to use to keep their jobs. It was, in short, a way to get the inquisitor off their back. (more…)

Bonds Continue the Slide

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As I’ve said ad nauseum, interest rates accelerating higher could be the defining theme of 2014. Since bottoming in July 2012, the ten-year T-note rate represented by symbol $TNX has more than doubled. Freakishly, real estate seems to be merrily hopping along, as if 2008 never happened. I can report to you from my pleasant town that I wish I had some way to buy puts on Palo Alto real estate, because it’s insane (again). In any event, the bonds, represented by symbol TLT below, continue to crumble away, and I remain short. (more…)