The Bubble No One Talks About

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What is it?  The MEDIA BUBBLE!

Seriously, who has time to check out all available sources of news these days? And, where do you start? Who do you trust for fair and accurate information?

Middle-class working folks are too busy trying to earn a living and create a healthy and balanced life for their families to worry about who is saying what and try to figure out who’s relaying true facts.

Reality tells me that the only ones who wade through endless scores of tabloid stories are those who work in the media industry.

Like the Baby Boomers who are busy downsizing and simplifying their lives to determine what really matters, it’s time the media did the same.

As a boomer myself, I’ve learned that, with age, comes a realization that focusing on what’s truly important to me, in the short term (today) and longer term (the big picture), and trusting my own instincts, helps me ensure that decisions I make are in alignment with my intentions and values and how well I’m actually honouring those values. And, to help me downsize (physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically), it’s been very important to accept, appreciate, learn from, and let go of the past, and then move forward with faith in my abilities to handle what’s in front of me…that’s where my energies are optimally and most valuably utilized.

By the way, this approach can be very helpful in trading the markets, as well…successfully and confidently moving from one completed trade to the next new one.

Admittedly, there are, however, some bubbles that are rather enjoyable…

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