Daily Archives: December 23, 2016

Twas (The Day Before) The Day Before Christmas and ….

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My expectations for the tape today aren’t high. Volume will be low and we may not see much of interest on any markets before next week. Indices might avoid the vague upward drift we see on days like this so often, but it’s unlikely there will be much in the way of nice intraday setups, and if you’ve been waiting for a low interest day to catch up on other work you’re a bit behind on, paperwork, or even just spend some quality hours watching paint dry, then this might be a good day to do that.

Still, here we are, and I did a premarket video today that I posted on my twitter at the open. If you missed that then you can see that here. If the tape doesn’t do the holiday drift up or just stop moving altogether, I’m leaning modestly bearish as long TF stays under the weekly pivot at 1370.50.