Daily Archives: February 13, 2017

Stretch Marks

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Well, my romance with charting and trading is definitely on the rocks lately, as I’ve been seduced with a gorgeous new love interest call My Screenplay. Moments ago, I just finished a new treatment, with an entirely new third act, and if I may say so, it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to rewrite this beast, which is already a two and a half hour movie.

Anyway – – sigh – – the f*cking market, yeah. Err, well, it’s really overbought. Isn’t that stupid? But it’s the truth. Just take a look at the Dow and how much higher the prices are vis a vis the moving averages compared to prior peaks.


Anyway, yawn. Whatever. The market can blow me. There’s more to life than watching Goldman Sachs and its overprotected ilk trick the naive public for the umpteenth time. Stupid saps.

Victory for the Squid

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Since the lowest point of the financial crisis (whose name itself¬† is a joke – – turns out it was a financial opportunity for the investment banks), Goldman Sachs has increased nearly 500% in value, making Lloyd a billionaire. In addition, the federal government is crammed at the very highest levels with GS alumni. If there were any justice, or a munificent God, Goldman would have gone bankrupt in late 2008, but that, of course, wasn’t allowed to happen. Well-played, Goldman. Your greed, and your success, knows no bounds.