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First 100 Days Since Election… Bullish, Right?

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On the surface, Trump’s 1st 100 days (since election) ‘comp’ well with JFK, as well as Bush 1 and Clinton.  Each of these presidents saw successful markets for the rest of the year.  From data supplied by Bespoke (whose premium service is a good market data source) I created this table showing the S&P 500’s ‘1st 100 days since election’ percentage, the largest decline from a closing high, the next 100 days and the rest of the year (ROY).

Bullish, right?  JKF, Bush 1 and to a lesser degree, Clinton would say so.

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Expletive Repeated

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I made Eagle Scout when I was only thirteen years old. I was confirmed into the Methodist church before that. I was literally a choir boy, as well as an acolyte. And, as a fully consecrated Christian, I say the following in full sight of God almighty: anyone who thinks this market should be bought is out of their fucking mind. Amen.