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Gold Miners in 2017 Whipsaw

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Ever since 2012’s failure of the ‘QE 3 rally’ in the precious metals it has not been fruitful to micro manage the gold sector, because that failure jump started a savage bear market that would need time to work out the excesses both in the sector’s investor base and in its mining businesses, which had become bloated and inefficient. That’s what bear markets do; they clean out the landscape to make it inhabitable for new investors one day. Here is a weekly chart showing the bear’s kickoff. HUI’s 55 week EMA then became the ball and chain that kept its fate sealed (red arrows) until January of 2016.



Moving Averages

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I wanted to mention a subtle improvement to SlopeCharts – – now, when you lay down moving averages, you can see detailed information on all of them (color-coded) on the data line. SMA stands for simple moving average, EMA for exponential moving average, and the parenthetical number indicates the number of days used in the calculation. As you move the cursor, it will reflect the information for that particular day. There are many new indicators on the way.