Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

My ETF Trio

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I’m feeling pretty good this morning since (a) I’m back home with my dogs (b) I’m feeling healthy again (c) My ETF portfolio is at a lifetime high, in spite of the retarded public buying up equities (d) I was able to hot glue gun my keyboard at EXACTLY the right angle to my desk. It was about two degrees off earlier, which was bugging the hell out of me. Now it is locked in a glorious position.

I suspect you’re more interested hearing about my ETF picks than my keyboard angle, so I’ll say this: I have three positions, all of them profitable. They are all longs, but they are all ultrashorts, which means I am still thrusting knitting needles into the eyeballs of the bulls. In spite of being near lifetime highs in equities, my positions are doing just dandy, thank you very much. They are as follows…….