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Friday ETFs

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Before I take off for the balance of the day (there are other posts already in the queue), I’ll just share a few ETF charts and some words on each:

First of all, I’ve pretty fairly well prison-raped lately by commodities (oil, gold) recently, so I’m tending to stay away from the likes of DRIP, ERY, JDST, and the like (even mild stuff like GLD). The moment of truth is at hand for commodities (DBC), but, again I’ve had enough for now. No thank you.



Wee Hours Musings

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Well, it’s the equivalent of 3 in the morning (PST) as I’m typing this, but the “Wake Up Early!” bird is shrieking outside, so I thought I’d put together a post with various thoughts kicking around my head. Here we go……

NASDAQ – In retrospect, I guess we could have guessed what was coming with Amazon, since the entire world was ruining its undergarments with all the excitement about Jeff Bezos being the world’s richest man. I know myself well enough to understand that when I’m feeling really down, that’s the time to take a risk – – and Thursday morning, I was feeling REALLY down – – so I did just the opposite of what my head told me and bought QID (the ultrashort NASDAQ). That’s working out all right so far, and we’ll see just how much of the absolutely idiotic liftoff in the NQ is unwound. (more…)