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FYI Aug. 4/17: Dow 30 Leaders & Laggards

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You can see at a glance, from the chart grid below, which of the Dow 30 stocks are outperforming (AAPL, AXP, BA, CAT, JPM, KO, MCD, MSFT, NKE, TRV, UNH, V and WMT) and which ones are underperforming (GE, IBM and XOM).

We’ll see if the laggards (and ones not mentioned above) turn around anytime soon to continue to drive the Dow to new highs, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, or whether the leaders suddenly weaken…and, if so, with what force.

Source: Stockcharts.com

Fading Brazil

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Interesting morning so far – – gold is getting its shiny bottom kicked, and equities are (as usual) drifting higher. I came into the day short Brazil by way of EWZ, and unlike US markets, Brazil is actually slipping right now. Of particular interest to me, besides the enormous multi-year drift down, is this highlighted pattern……..