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My Favorite MP Album

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I’m a big Monty Python fan, but as you might guess, being a good contrarian, I don’t really go for the standard classics like “Pet Shop” or “Ministry of Silly Walks” (good as they both are). I like the more obscure stuff. Below is my favorite album they ever did, which is almost entirely music or ditties. It’s brilliant, and I hope you like it.

Auto Parts Retailers

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Well, I retract my “God is Dead” statement from yesterday’s post, because there’s no doubt God reads the Slope of Hope (he doesn’t have an account for comments, but if he did, I promise I’d give him a 5-star account). He decided to throw a lightning bolt at BWLD, and ouch, that hurt. So let’s turn our attention elsewhere.

Auto parts retailers have been extremely strong for months, recovering from a severe drop. I don’t think it’s time yet, but we’re getting close to important resistance.