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Errr………..No Thank You

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I receive a huge amount of spam – – I’d say something like 90-95% of the emails I get are for problems I really don’t have………I don’t need to “stay up all night”, I’m not looking for “Asian beauties”, and I’m also not in the market for a “booty call”. And yet, every day……….


I did get one bit of spam this morning, since it’s unintentionally self-parodical. The business claims to want to improve the professional nature of my web site. It appears that English is the 3rd or 4th language of the author, so I’m not so sure I’m going to hand SOH over to Jennifer.

Commodities Ready to Strengthen?

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The commodity ETF symbol DBC had been trapped beneath resistance for over two years, but it broke out recently. The weakness we saw in crude oil earlier this week dragged it down some, but it’s push up off support at this point (see arrow). If this level holds (16.05) we could be entering a new upswing in commodities.


As for my own trading day – – MEH – – down half a percent at the moment, but holding tough.