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ETF Flyover

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I am composing over flyover country, hence the title. Anyway, to wrap the weekend up, I thought we could look at a few ETFs. First off, here’s the Dow (DIA) diamonds. As the inset shows, decade-long trendlines have been pushed aside. We’re in la-la land now, folks; the undiscovered country. Call it what you like, but new highs are a beast to assess, because they tend to feed off themselves until…………they don’t.



Show Unique Symbols

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Yessir, it’s another SlopeCharts improvement. On a Sunday, no less! It may be God’s day of rest, but we chartists never stop going.

We’ve added a new feature that makes your watchlists only display symbols that are found in no other watchlists that you have. There are several ways this is useful, but let me offer one example.

Let’s say you had used SlopeCharts’ “Preloaded Watchlists” feature to subscribe to the S&P 500 list. Obviously there are 500 symbols in that list, but maybe you follow a bunch of those already anyway.

longlist (more…)