Daily Archives: February 9, 2018

Death Is Very Close

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This is the fifth time I’ve recommended the documentary Man on Wire to Slopers. Since I’ve been somewhat ill lately, I watched it again – probably for the 12th time – and I again must say how valuable it is to take in this flawless piece of art. Absolutely captivating and engrossing. If you have Netflix, it’s on there, and here’s the trailer otherwise:

Another One Bites The Dust

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In Chart Chat on Wednesday morning Stan and I were looking at the next support levels on SPX and my pick was triple support at rising support from the Feb 2016 low, and the 200dma and annual pivot levels at 2538/9, all a match with a retest of the ES globex low on Monday night. We were thinking that might well yield a bounce but that SPX would likely go lower afterwards. SPX tested that today, and is bouncing so far, but rising support from the February 2016 low is now broken, after that also broke on RUT on Tuesday morning. Both breaks are likely to follow through to the downside before this retracement is finished. Intraday Video from theartofchart.net – Update on ES, NQ and TF: