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Hello, Larry

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They say not to judge a book by its cover. I’m sure my mother must have told me this as a child. And yet I’ve ignored this advice all my life. I instantly judge people, sometimes based on just a glance. And I’m equipped with all the “-dars” out there – – gaydar……..jewdar…….and so on. And the amazing thing, my “-dars” have proved themselves utterly infallible. 100% track record. It’s uncanny.

So, shame on me, Mr. Judge-not-lest-you-be-judged failure, for ignoring my kindly mother’s advice. And I offer yet another judgment of someone I’ve never met, I don’t know, and I know very little about. Larry Kudlow. At a glance, I concluded this guy was a complete and utter dork.

kudlow (more…)

How I Learned Cryptos and Became the Ethereum Whisperer

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By Ryan Wilday, ElliottWaveTrader.net

While we still await the crypto bottom, I want to start this week’s article off with a personal narrative. I owe my current working life to ethereum.

In 2016, I was a practicing design strategist for Samsung while trading as a hobby. In fact, I had already been trading for two decades when I decided to continue my study of the market by learning Elliott Wave Theory as a member of elliottwavetrader.net. Soon after that, I started using my new knowledge with ethereum (ETHUSD), then a new coin.

It was by applying Elliott Wave Theory to ethereum that I gained the nickname the Ethereum Whisperer on the site. The theory, even while I was still learning it, proved helpful in spotting key turning points in ethereum.

I exited ethereum trading in May 2016, right after the Dao catastrophe. I didn’t exit because of the hack, but because Elliott Wave Theory suggested we had started a large decline with a break of $17. (more…)

Musical Comment Cleaner

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Hello, one and all. I’ll be doing my chart thing later, but for now, let me toss a comment cleaner out there, which is the extremely cool opening to the JCS Live show I talked about from last Sunday. This is the overture, and it’s fantastically exciting. Fun fact: the first person to play (and remember, this is a huge production) is fourteen years old!