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Divine the Direction

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People tend to “switch sides” almost instantly these days; if the market drops a day or two, everyone’s a screaming ZH-obsessed bear, and if the market rises during a single session, everyone becomes a here-come-new-highs Yellen-lovin’ bull. But take a step back and see what the NQ has been doing the past few weeks, and I think you’ll see that, on the whole, the intermediate-term direction is pretty clear.


Insurance Casualities

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I’m going to be traveling all day on this Good Friday to visit a business in which I invested back in 2005. The aforementioned business looked to be heading into bankruptcy in 2007, but it turned itself around, and it is thriving now. I haven’t visited them in a few years, so I’m eager to see how much they’ve grown.

Anyway, I thought I’d just put up a post of a particular sector on which I’m cheerfully bearish: insurance. One look at the likes of Aflac during the financial crisis shows how interesting things can get: (more…)

Wait For It…….

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All four days this week have been about recovering from last week’s action; I suspect/hope the unraveling can resume on schedule next week. Aligned with that, Japan is setting itself up for a bigger fall than we’ve seen for a while. If DXJ can fight its way back to about $47, I think it will provide the proverbial lay-up shot of a shorting opportunity.