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Devil’s Advocate

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I’m going to take a different tack today and examine the reasons why the stock market will just keep marching higher. The old “here’s why the market is going to fall right about now” doesn’t seem to be holding much water lately.

Before doing so, I must point out that the world right now is a contrarian’s dream (notwithstanding the fact that the market simply refuses to go lower. Ever.) Look no farther than this week’s Barron’s, which states that the market won’t crash (and I’m not making this up) for another thirty or forty years.


Gold Dust

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I took a screenshot of the chart below a couple of hours ago, but precious metals (and their miners) are even weaker now. I think the junior miners could easily slip down to the green tinted area. “Precious” metals are totally stinking up the joint again, being just about the only asset on the planet that’s falling, and the miners are thus falling at an even higher speed.


More Good News for the Working Class

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Just saw this……….


Just wait until self-driving trucks are fully operational. I’ve mentioned it before: truck driving is, in almost every state, the #1 occupation. We live in interesting times.

As for the market………..I guess the bears had all their fun in the first three weeks of the year and since then, blammo, it’s back to the multi-year torture. My interest in trading and the markets in general resembles a graph of the UVXY these days.

I’ve got to go collect in wits and try to dream up some reasonable content for this place. Feh.