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Thoughts on “Silicon Valley”

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A few years ago, when the HBO series “Silicon Valley” premiered, I rolled my eyes. I don’t normally like looking at the culture in which I reside (which is why I’ve never watched any of the Steve Jobs movies).

A few weeks ago, though, prodded by my SV-loving son, I started watching it – – and, yep, you know what happened – – I got hooked and watched the entire thing, from Series 1 through 4, every episode. It’s a very funny show, and pretty damned accurate. I’m actually glad my son watched the whole thing, since I want him to understand the culture around here without getting hurt too much by it.

Here’s one clip from it, which is about 50 times funnier if you’ve been watching the whole series; it also is critically-important to the season finale.

I actually need to excuse myself for the afternoon, since I’m helping a dear friend get her office set up, but hopefully Jack or someone will come along with a post. In the meanwhile…….suck it, Jin-Yang.

Indexing My Thoughts

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Well, there’s just no doubt about it. I have a lot more fun with down markets than up markets. Last week was a total kick. Today was all about defense.

It’s no shock, though. As I mentioned repeatedly last week, and during the weekend, this brief “shock spikes” in the VIX tend to vanish quickly. Until a missile actually explodes somewhere, it looks like everything is calm once more.



About Those Dollar Signs

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This weekend, I asked for requests with respect to SlopeCharts. I got a bunch of them, many of them quite helpful. One in particular was a forehead-smacker for me……..

You may recall that in the comments section, if you precede a symbol with a dollar sign, it will magically turn it into a hyperlink…


Well, until someone pointed it out, I was using FinViz – – instead of my OWN freakin’ charts!

I have corrected this, so now when you see a linked symbol, you will get SlopeCharts, as the good Lord intended. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this until a kind Sloper pointed it out. Thank you!

Oil’s Weak Future

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On Friday, this tumbled into my Twitter feed, attributed to Gartman:


And, so, as federal law requires, equities are UP and crude oil is DOWN right now.

I love the crude oil chart as a short, and I’m short USO as we speak (well, neither of us is speaking – – or at least I’m not – – and if you’re talking to your screen right now, you’ve got worse problems than either of us). Anyway, here’s what I see: