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Biotechs Breaking Out

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By Harry Boxer
Here are four biotech stocks breaking out on positive developments related to their drugs.
bluebird bio, Inc. (BLUE) has popped about 20 points in a week to Wednesday’s close of $92.80.  On Wednesday alone, it rose $5.15 on over 1 million shares traded, closing just a dime off the high. The company announced publication of a case study on the first patient with severe sickle cell disease treated with its gene therapy product.  The stock has far surpassed our initial target of $85 and is closing in on the next target of $95. There’s a possibility it may run up to the $106-7 range, last reached in October 2015, which is the new, near-term target. Short interest of 12.9 times its average volume could fuel the move as shorts cover on an advance.
Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. (ESPR) followed through for another $4.23 to $30.44 Wednesday on 2.2 million shares.  Just a month ago, the stock was under $11, but investors appear to be hopeful that the biotech company’s lead drug for treating high cholesterol is more likely to win approval under President Trump.  The stock is a little long in the tooth short-term and may need to rest and pullback before its next move.  However, after the stock dropped from a high of nearly $119 in March 2015 to under $10 in late June 2016, it based for 7 months, and has now broken well out of that base and is looking higher.