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A Friend’s Schadenfreude

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A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude with him. He knows me well enough to realize this is the equivalent of asking Oprah if she wants to go check out the new doughnut shop in Chicago that’s having a buy-10-get-20 sale. Of course, I said yes.

He told me the woman who had cheated on him many years ago was starting to have her what-goes-around-comes-around moment in life. See, way back when, my friend sat me down and told me in great detail about how his girlfriend had been cheating on him and how he put together the pieces and confronted her. He was pretty shaken by the whole thing, although I can assure you now his life is just dandy, thank you very much. Still, at the time, this woman – Elizabeth Collet – kinda broke his heart.

So it was with no small amount of glee that he started to bring me up-to-date on her life. For starters, some years ago, she got nailed by the IRS as follows:




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I cannot remember the last time I’ve grabbed my iPad from the side of my bed in the morning, fired up thinkorswim, and actually saw red on the screen. The ES and NQ are green. Every. Single. Day.

This morning, naturally, is not exception. Concerns about the let’s-finish-raping-the-poor tax travesty bubbled up yesterday, and the ES actually managed to fall a few points. Well, the chinless wonder won’t have any of that, so for no particular reason at all:



Let Me Satisfy Your Data Needs

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Sounds like a saucy subject post, doesn’t it? But I’m serious.

I recently fell into an email conversation with a SlopeCharts user who expressed a strong interest in seeing stock data for a particular country outside the United States. Given the success of cryptocurrency data on SlopeCharts, I’ve been increasingly interested in offering other kinds of data and equities from other countries. So if you have something in mind you’d like to see on SlopeCharts with respect to a data offering, please email me. I’m interested!