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Eastern Tour

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Greetings and felicitations from the bowels of the Baltimore Convention Center. I’ve never stayed in “Charm City” before, and the only reason I’m here is – – well, I don’t even have to tell you. Did you know that 10% of the city is addicted to heroin? I didn’t. Ten. Percent. Isn’t that incredible? Suffice it to say I won’t be moving here.

Besides the aforementioned obvious reason for my presence here, I also took my beloved son up and down the region to visit colleges. He’s rather young for that sort of thing, but we might as well while we’re here. We looked at Penn, Haverford, Swarthmore, and my love of the rural versus urban environments became ever more clear to me. Swarthmore in particular is an idyllic campus. (more…)

Breathtakingly Funny

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I am a huge fan of Norm MacDonald, and I’ve been obsessively listening to all his Norm MacDonald Live episodes on YouTube for months now. I’ve been waiting to do this post, since I wanted the time to be right.

His twin episodes with Gilbert Gottfried are some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. If you are ever doing something boring that requires audio entertainment (in my case, yesterday I was unpacking a ton of luggage and sorting things out), there’s no better way to keep your ears occupied. Indeed, I’d suggest you only listen to it, as doing so is even funnier than watching it.

This isn’t like watching Airplane! for the first time. It’s not gut-busting stuff right away. But as it sinks in, it gets more and more brilliant, and if you have the twisted sense of humor I do, you’ll absolutely appreciate it. They unwittingly did some of the great improvisational material of all time.

One last tip: it’s important to watch the entire first episode, since it makes the second all the more funny. Enjoy……


Up In the Air

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Greetings from the Centurion Lounge at San Francisco International Airport, where my beloved son and I are preparing to fly off to, yes, another fencing tournament. This place is good for my frail ego, since my kids have been dropping some broad hints about me putting on a few pounds, and seeing the spheres that inhabit this place makes me feel less pudgy. I guess the upper middle class traveling sort likes to chow down. But this little anecdote isn’t why you’re here. Let’s talk about a few charts.

I am, as you might guess, still utterly short. I have 43 positions, 40 of which are individual equities (largely in energy) and 3 simple ETFs. The ES has been banging around, going nowhere in particular, for two solid months now. The lines cleanly define the diminishing range, and gee willikers, I’d love to see us break the lower boundary. I’m traveling, so that can only help, at least for Friday.