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Watch It

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I haven’t figured out how to embed it, but please click here and watch my video from today. It’s very “fresh and raw” and I think has some very valuable lessons. If you are interested, you might want to also watch the video from yesterday (which is available on the same page) as a sharp contrast and to see what I was saying pre-Brexit. As for the picture below, it does nothing. I am putting it here just to jazz up the post.



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Quite a night, eh, folks? I honestly can’t remember anything like this since the financial crisis, and even then, I think last night was wilder. I actually kept semi-dreaming that the ES had turned green. It, umm, hasn’t.

My pack of dogs wants their walk, but before I do that, I’ll share a few charts with Yellen Body Parts ™ as a supplement. First, here is the ES, which had been locked limit down at one point, but now, as the turds at CNBC might say, is “off the lows.” It’s astonishing to me that just after the close yesterday, it was at the highest levels in human history.



Sweet Jesus on a Pita Biscuit

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OK, two things are clear:

(a) There is a God;
(b) He really, really hates Tim Knight

I mean, for Christ’s sake, after getting punched and bullied and smacked around for the last week, I closed Thursday with a mere 39 short positions and 40% in cash (which is super, super light for me). And NOW we seem to be getting a crash (although it’s hours away from the final results as I am typing this).

Here’s a snippet from my chat session with Northy today (about 95% of my side of the conversation involved the word “fuck”):