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Those Kooky Billionaires

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Those of you who have ever seen Fiddler on the Roof probably remember the line from Tevye, “When you’re rich, they think you really know.” That certainly applies here in the Silicon Valley, as the words from billionaires – – no matter how wrong-headed or goofy – – get a lot of attention and respect.

Tim Draper is a big venture capitalist here, and among such stellar investments as Tesla and Skype, he also put cash into the clunker Theranos, whose bankruptcy (to my mind at least) seems virtually inevitable. Instead of being quiet on the Elizabeth Holmes debacle, he has instead painted the company’s failure as some kind of anti-feminist conspiracy against Ms. Holmes, instead of a simple matter of outright fraud.


Pre-Eclipse Indexes

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As I’ve mentioned, it’s going to be an unusual time for me, because I am making the long trek (and perhaps insane, considering how many are intending to do the same) up to Oregon to witness the once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse. We’ll see if I regret it or not.

Speaking of regret, we need to see what next week holds. We are at such a crucial crossroads right now. The past two weeks have been a total kick, all thanks to Trump’s antics. The big picture still screams “doomed market”, but the shorter-term picture is more uncertain. Simply stated, if we have a good solid down day on Monday, we are in a complete different ball game. A firm bounce, however, may mean more of the same.

Looking at the Dow Industrials, there is still plenty of room for hope that the bears will get to enjoy things more.

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Bannon Bar

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Note from your beloved host: This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend, since I’m driving all day Sunday and Monday to see the eclipse (plus, the amount of good trading ideas I’ve been giving lately has reached Saint level). Things will be back to normal, such as they are, by Tuesday.