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Across the Finish Line

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I have mentioned Finish Line (FINL) again and again and……….again!………as a short candidate, both here on Slope and on tastytrade. Well, the analog I’ve pointed out ad nauseum is really kicking in, dropping nearly 20% on Friday alone.


As is so often the case, my charting was brilliant and my trading was idiotic. I covered this thing earlier in the week for reasons I cannot fathom or even remember. I guess I’m simply the ghey. But in spite of my personal idiocy, I am pleased to have offered up another terrific plunger. Much lower prices to come.

Half-Baked Bear (by a Sloper)

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This is a personal story about cannabis. Yes, the evil reefer, MARIJUANA!!! The story below is my life experience which led me to try marijuana for the first time.

I grew up in the 1990’s and was a child of the “War on Drugs.” My brain was indoctrinated with the “Just Say No!” slogan. I remember many court ordered guests speak to my school explaining how drugs ruined their lives. Local police would take groups of 20 kids and show drug paraphernalia, pictures of all drugs possible, including marijuana!!! The old slide projector would actually have slides of heroin needles on the same table as a silly flower. (marijuana!!!)

So obviously, I grew up with the mindset of “drugs are bad, marijuana is a drug, marijuana is bad.” All of these government programs told me that marijuana is a gateway drug. If you try marijuana, you will eventually use heroin or meth and die! Thank you Nancy Reagan.