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Shrinking Thinking

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With nearly 500 comments on the prior post, I think I’ll toss out a quick comment cleaner!

So with the final trading day of the month upon us, we come to learn that with the stimulus of $18 trillion in borrowing and 0% interest rates have provided us with a GDP that fell 0.7% in Q1 (and this is with government numbers which are surely as sugar-coated as possible). I pity the next President. Actually, no. No, I really don’t.

Curses on Purses

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I spend mountains of money on my family members, but I am reluctant to spend anything on myself. Part of it is outright cheapness, and part of it is the deep belief that I’ve got everything I need pretty much for the rest of my life.

The wallet I carry is a good example of this. I don’t know how many years I’ve owned it, but it’s perfect for me, even though it’s falling apart. Whenever I would present a credit card, it would be partly covered with black flecks, because little bits and pieces of my wallet would come off each time.