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Expiration Charts!

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I have an extremely cool new feature for you SlopeCharts folks out there: earnings dates charts. This will be of particular interest to you options traders. Allow me to explain………..

What we’ve done is merged together historical stock data with earnings announcements so you can see how a stock behaves as it approaches its earnings day. By default, we show you every day for twenty days in advance of earnings, as well as the day of and the day after earnings (you can change how many days via a dropdown). Using it, as with all things SlopeCharts, is simple. Just choose the Earnings Dates item from the new Chart Mode menu item:


Short Week

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It’s going to be a short week, hopefully for two reasons. The first is guaranteed – – we had to take yesterday off to celebrate Presidents’ Day (which I’m sure everyone did with great flair). The second, which is off to a good start, is for this market to start weakening again. I’m entering the day 136% short and eager to get much shorter, particularly with interest-sensitive items.

Here’s the intraday on the ES over the past few days:

esdown (more…)


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There are countless quotes, aphorisms, and bromides related to the world of trading. One of the best known is Joe Granville‘s: “If it’s obvious, it’s obviously wrong.”

Having lived with, considered, and occasionally applied this nugget of wisdom over the years, my conclusion is that what’s “wrong” is actually the quote itself. I believe its principal appeal is that it has that counter-intuitive, funny-because’s-it’s-ironically-true sensibility to it. Kind of like Mark Twain’s “….the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Har de har har. (more…)

Presidential Picks (Part 2 of 3)

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Preface to all three parts: It’s a lazy weekend, so I’m going to be a lazy blogger and break my 45 short positions into three separate posts via SlopeChartsPart 1 will have the first 10 of these positions and will be open to all. Part 2 will have the next 15 positions and will also be open to all. And Part 3 will have the final 20 positions and will be exclusive to Slope PLUS members. I will zoom in on whatever part of the chart I feel is most germane or helpful for display.

slopechart_AVGO (more…)