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Bitcoin and the South Sea

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One of the earliest chapters in my Panic, Prosperity, and Progress book is about the South Sea Bubble. I know I’m not the first chap to compare the insane Bitcoin bubble (which is rapidly deflating) with South Sea, but I am truly struck by the similarities. Here’s what happened with South Sea, four centuries ago………(the notations about Newton relate to Sir Isaac Newton’s own investing losses with this “security”:). I’ve put an arrow approximating where I think we are right now with respect to the Bitcoin analog……… (more…)

Russell’s Recovery

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It’s a real shame what happened to the Russell 200 chart today. After a terribly encouraging break in a vitally-important wedge (see green tint), the index fell as it should, then it started to recover. The recovery was terribly strong – - so strong, in fact, that it got back ABOVE the broken support line and challenged the lifetime high (see magenta tint). I’m afraid there’s pretty much no hope at this point for the bears. Game over. (more…)