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Three Eye-Openers

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What a night for news! The three big items that leap out at me as I blearily start the day…….

  1. That the 28-year old co-pilot of the Germanwings flight was the one who did the deed.  Good. God. In a way, I’m relieved it wasn’t a terrorist attack or a mechanical failure, but that didn’t save any of the poor souls on board. I’ve always thought that dying in a plane crash would be an especially horrific and terrifying-beyond-belief way to die. For this man to subject nearly 200 people to this………..words fail me.
  2. The mega-surge, then just plain surge, in crude oil – I’ve got a smallish-mediumish size short in crude oil, but more importantly, I’ve got a smattering of energy shorts, so oil’s Yemen-based ascent is going to definitely tax some of my otherwise good profits this morning. The only silver lining for me is that, in CNBC style, I can say that oil is “well off the highs”, since it’s up less than half as much as it was earlier in the session.
  3. The liftoff in gold and silver: like I’ve said many times, I actually do want precious metals to perform spectacularly (for a variety of reasons), but at the moment, I’m short silver, gold, and miners – – so, again, that’s going to take a bite out of what would otherwise be what’s looking like a pretty good day on the short side.

Well, that’s it. Time to get this party started.

Now It All Makes Sense

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I’ve always been fond of my surname, “Knight”. It’s easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell, and it’s got kind of a nice archaic ring to it. It certainly beats Tim Lipschitz or some other alternate. My older brother took the time to do some research of the family tree, and yesterday he sent me a deck of slides outlining the paternal history of the family.

It was an impressive work, since he was able to get it back as far as 1624 England. Evidently my 8th grandfather came to Jamestown early in the days of the colonies. So now I’ve got a chain of Knights going back nearly 400 years.



The Time Warp Again

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A little over thirty years ago, I made my first trip to Palo Alto. I lived in a little town called Moraga in the East Bay, and some friends of my girlfriend (now my wife) were going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had never seen the movie (and if you know Rocky Horror, you know that you don’t really just sit there and watch it), and I had never been to Palo Alto. So, one night during a senior year in high school, off we went.

The place where they showed the movie was the Varsity theatre, a venerable cinema on University Avenue which had been there for decades. I had a great night, and I was practically rolling with laughter in the aisles from the movie. It was a very positive introduction to the town that would later become my home.


Famous Encounters

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Now that – thank God – the Fed decision is out of the way, I thought we’d try a fun little project: let’s share stories about when we met (or bumped into) someone famous. I’m not talking about paid-for gigs (e.g. “I saw Paul Simon at the Paul Simon concert!” – – which, umm, I did, and it isn’t worth reporting) This is about chance encounters. Slopers are a diverse bunch, and I bet there are some interesting tales floating around out there. Here, I’ll begin, and I hope you’ll understand that, for obvious reasons, they tend to be tech-oriented:

Joe Montana – As some of you may recall, I wrote my first post on March 29 2005 from the Ritz in Cancun, Mexico. I had sold Prophet just two months earlier, and I had taken my wife and children on vacation. I remember Joe Montana took the elevator with us and counseled us to enjoy our kids since “they grow up fast.” As much of a cliche as that is, it certainly is true. I have no interest in sports, but I instantly recognized him, and we all pretended that he was just a regular guy. (Oh, and it’s true what they say – – celebrities are shorter in person!) (more…)