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Sweet Jesus on a Pita Biscuit

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OK, two things are clear:

(a) There is a God;
(b) He really, really hates Tim Knight

I mean, for Christ’s sake, after getting punched and bullied and smacked around for the last week, I closed Thursday with a mere 39 short positions and 40% in cash (which is super, super light for me). And NOW we seem to be getting a crash (although it’s hours away from the final results as I am typing this).

Here’s a snippet from my chat session with Northy today (about 95% of my side of the conversation involved the word “fuck”):



Viva Hate Mail

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I very rarely get hate mail, but when I do, it usually marks an important top. This chap has written me mean-spirited emails more than once, and the record is awfully good. I’ve put an arrow at the point late at night when the hate mail was sent to me. I’m glad at least someone is looking after the interests of my “fanily” (sic):


Salad Days

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Well, since we’re all just sitting around waiting for Yellen, I was thumbing through charts and saw something that’s just plain weird. It’s totally non-actionable; it’s simply interesting to me. Here’s the chart:


Steady, isn’t it? I think there are passbook savings accounts with more volatility.

Want to know the stock? Chipotle! Yes, that Chipotle. For months and months – – years, actually – – the stock just pretty much went up every day a little bit. I have looked at millions of charts (literally) over the years, and this is just freakish.

Of course, those days are long past, since CMG has lost 50% (yes, 50%) of its value, since their e-coli surprise was a turn-off for some diners. Anyway – meh – just thought I’d share.

Sneak Peek – House Safari!

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For the past year, I have been hard at work on a new business which has absolutely nothing to do with charts, the stock market, or anything else I’ve ever done before. Instead, I have been developing a new product called House Safari, which is an app for the iPhone.

The product is, simply stated, a crowdsourced real estate database. In other words, it turns your neighborhood into a game where you “hunt” houses. It is useful for those shopping for a place to live, real estate agents, or folks (like me) who simply get a kick out of real estate and home improvement.

We are planning, after much expense and effort, to release this on July 1st, but I wanted to offer a sneak peek to the first 24 Slopers who write me. Now, please, I seriously only have 24 of these promo codes (the product is free, and will remain so, but I only get a small number of these codes), so only write to me if:

(1) You have an iPhone;
(2) You are at least slightly technically competent and like trying new technology;
(3) You live in an area with cool houses

If you’d like to try it out several weeks before its general release, drop me a line and tell me the email address you access on your iPhone (the link I send will only work if you open it on the iPhone itself).

We have several new features we’re going to add before the July 1 version 1.0 release, but you’ll still have a good idea what the product can do with this current pre-release version. Here’s a 30 second pastiche of what the app looks like.