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A Plea for Reviews

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Look, I’m not above begging, so here goes:

House Safari has been garnering plenty of users and usage (as well as a nice write-up), but hardly anyone has left a review. In the App Store, getting reviews is kind of the difference between life and death, and unfortunately my pool of beta testers can’t post reviews.

I’d therefore like to ask you good people (and, c’mon, I ask for so little) to take the time to

(1) download House Safari (which is an iPhone app) if you haven’t already by going here

(2) leave it a positive review in the App Store by clicking this link.

It’ll only take a few moments, and after doing this blog for nearly twelve years now, I’d like to think I could ask for a small favor from time to time. Thank you.

House Safari Gets Some Press

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My iPhone app for real estate, House Safari, launched on October 5th, as announced in this Slope post. I’m pleased to say someone besides myself wants to talk about this product, as the biggest-of-the-big real estate web sites, Inman, has put the product front-and-center on its home page this morning.


Here’s a link to the article, and more important for you iPhone (and iPad) users, here’s the web site where you can fetch the FREE app download! Please check it out! (And, to earn a higher place in our heavenly kingdom, toss me a nice review in the app store).


Announcing House Safari

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Two years ago to the day, I sat down with a friend of mine from back in the days of Prophet. He wanted to catch up, and he shared with me some ideas he was having about real estate information. We started talking excitedly about all that could be done in this surprisingly undeveloped area, and I latched on to the idea of creating a mobile app in this sector.

I am delighted to finally announce the introduction of House Safari, into which we have poured a tremendous amount of time, cash, and unfettered love. I suppose the quickest way to explain it would be “it’s like a Yelp for houses”, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Please check out the website and play the video there. (I’ve done more specific videos on this page, if you’re interested). If you have iTunes or are reading this on your iPhone, click here.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the free app and give it a try. I’ve been looking forward to this day a long time, and I’m thrilled it’s finally here. And if you download it, please do me a favor and give it a nice review. I’m cashing in whatever Slope gratitude might be out there!