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How Times Change

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I’m a big fan of Silicon Valley history. Even though I only live a few miles from where the Byte Shop was originally located in 1976, I had never bothered looking up its address. For those who don’t know, the Byte Shop was pretty much the first personal computer store anywhere, and they were the first buyer of Apple products (specifically, 50 Apple I motherboards). Here’s what it looked like:

??????????????????? (more…)

How Did I Miss This Guy?

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Just one quick post before I turn out the lights………I just read this article from TechCrunch about some brilliant lunatic that goes by the name of weev. He’s a hacker extraordinaire and has a quality I admire greatly: he will tell anyone, irrespective of their position of authority, precisely what he thinks of them (including the guards in the prison from which he was just released). He is now setting up a hedge fund called TRO, LLC (yep, he’s a very proud Internet troll as well). He states: (more…)

Poor Tim

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My interest in how wealth is distributed has grown over the years from non-existent to almost obsessive (check out the SocialTrade stack dedicated to Wealth Distribution). It’s particularly on my mind these days for two related reasons: (1) the staggering surge of wealth, particularly since the financial crisis; (2) the proximity of that wealth to me personally, since I am surrounded by Silicon Valley zillionaires.

I used to be very naive about money. In my teens, I thought it was a fairly accurate representation of one’s abilities and intellect……….a scoreboard of the meritocracy. Suffice it to say I don’t think like this anymore. In some societies, it is little more than a measuring stick of dumb luck or criminal abilities, whereas in others it is, at best, a very crude approximation of the value one has created in their lifetime. (more…)

Blood of the Lamb

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Just a friendly reminder to get up really early in the morning to watch the first of four “blood” eclipses. A quartet of these is quite rare. I read that there was over a 300 year stretch where no such event took place. There are plenty of stories about how these eclipses signal the end times; for me, I’d be happy if we could just continue that nice waterfall sinkage that was so fun last week.


Happy Little Trees

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I can’t draw. But I’ve always been fascinated by people who could, and part of the reason is a feeling that I’ve never discussed with anyone before.

It’s not that it’s particularly embarrassing or anything. But as a child I distinctly remember what would happen when someone would go up to the chalkboard and carefully draw something out. Or perhaps I’d see a television program in which someone was painting. Anytime anyone was slowly and carefully doing something illustrative, I got this……….funny feeling. (more…)


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Not that my area doesn’t have its own problems, but this is ridiculous……….


So the French already have a government-sanctioned 35 hour “work” week. So, on top of this ordained laziness, they want to outlaw after-hours communication related to work?

There’s a reason you would be hard-pressed to conjure up the innovations, entrepreneurs, and great new companies coming from France. The government conditions the population to basically kick back and enjoy life. Meh. I’d rather work seven days a week like I do now. If I were French, honestly, I would be embarrassed about this law.