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This Made My Day

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I have made no secret of my disdain for Theranos and Elizabeth “Crazy Eyes” Holmes by way of these six past posts. While driving through town, I passed by the gorgeous and expensive Theranos building, and  yesterday I decided to swing into the parking lot. I was curious, because the one and only other time I had been there, it was totally empty, which I found bizarre for a weekday. But I swung into again and…………



Glorious Quiet

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After all the insanity of the past couple of weeks, it’s good to see Almost Nothing Whatsoever is dead ahead. Maybe it’ll give stocks a chance to, ya know, follow market forces or something crazy like that.


This evening, I am hard at work at a totally new introduction video for the site. Once I’m done, I’m going to post it, and I’d very much like your feedback, particularly noting if I’ve missed anything important! It’s all part of the “make Slope more clear” mission.

Small Craps

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The Slope PLUS post I did on June 9th pegged, ALMOST TO THE SECOND, the top in the Russell 2000 index. Since then, we’ve been weakening.

Observant readers may recall that I wouldn’t stop bitching about selling my QQQ puts too early. What I haven’t mentioned is that, over the past few days, I’ve been building up the exact same options position (again, July 21st puts, these priced at $142) against the IWM. I solemnly pledge not to completely bungle the exit on these.

As a reminder, I haven’t traded options in ages, and unlike you fancy folks, I am just a dumb old bear who buys puts. My little account is up about 40% since I started just a few weeks ago, though, and hopefully this IWM trade will make up for my “left too much on the table” QQQ trade. Here’s my fingers-crossed anticipation:


The Art of “Borrowing”

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I’ve heard it said many times that we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing.

I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago in my move cross-country. Since I was in the process of a major downsizing following the loss of my husband several years before that, I was finding it difficult to part with a number of items that we’d accumulated over the years…as well as still grieving his passing and the passing of our two pussycats in the past several years…my “family” of four had been reduced to a family of one (me). However, I had no choice…I had to be rigorous in my approach to the move and establishing my new life.

Then I remembered something I’d learned in the past year…something that can be of benefit to each of us…that was to simply think of items that I had accumulated as items that were only meant to be borrowed and not meant to be kept for life…this same principle can also be applied to everyone we meet (and are a part of) throughout our life (friends, loved ones, spouses, partners, children, family members, pets, etc.).



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University Avenue in Palo Alto sparkles at night with trees illuminated with carefully-placed lights by the thousands. The street has been around as long as the town, and in the year 2017, it is a veritable Rodeo Drive, lined with expensive retail stores, wealthy citizens, and dreams of avarice. You hardly ever see anyone wearing business clothes here – – anyone so doing would be rightly perceived as an out-of-town rube – – but it is on this street that companies such as Google and Paypal got their start and the recipients of technology riches shop, eat, and gather.