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My reflection stared back at me faintly this morning in the large plate glass at the front of the Vonn’s supermarket. My family-oriented lifestyle, shall we say, keeps me on the road constantly these days, and this time I found myself with my long bangs flying all over the place. I wasted little time in procuring a new Ace comb and some hairspray to whip my hair into submission.

As I made sure that no hair was out of place, I was mentally transported to a memory that surprised me: when I was a boy of about ten, one of my prized possessions was a bottle of hairspray. I can remember the simple black and white bottle. Growing up in Louisiana, I wasn’t exactly living the life of luxury, and I rarely asked my parents for anything out of the ordinary. At the barber one day, however, I asked for that bottle.


The Final iPhone Test!

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Some of you may recall that I’ve been hard at work (for literally two years) on a new project called House Safari. I’m pleased to say that this iPhone app is ready for launch, but I wanted to ask you a favor: although we have released it to the Apple iPhone app store, it is deliberately a NON public release, because we wanted a few folks to download it and make sure there weren’t any show-stoppers. In other words, we want to make sure it installs smoothly for you, since we don’t want any last-minute problems for the public release.

If you’re interested in downloading the “production” release of House Safari, click here to send me an email, and I’ll send you the access code soon. All you need is an iPhone and a willingness to try it out and make sure it doesn’t cause your phone to burst into flames. Thanks.



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I suppose I’ll be prudent and refrain from any sermonizing about the dreadful events that took place fifteen years ago today. Instead, here is a link to a superb two hour documentary, including exclusive footage of what was taking place inside the twin towers. In addition, here is a link to a long post I did on the tenth anniversary, in which described in detail what was taking place at my little company Prophet on that day. I also suggest you Amazon Prime viewers check out the movie United 93, although you should be prepared to feel angry and sad simultaneously.


Post Eighteen Thousand

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No, I’m not talking about the Dow. This is, in fact, the eighteen thousandth post on the WordPress platform for Slope of Hope. Incredibly, that doesn’t count the platforms Slope was on before. But Slope began its life on WordPress (having been in existence almost three years already) on February 27, 2008. And, boy, we didn’t know what was coming later that year, did we, boys and girls?

Would that the market were behaving in such a way as to inspire an easy, content-rich post analyzing its behavior. Sadly, this is not the case. It’s a testament to the Slope community that, in the face of that red-hot poker stick you see drawn below, we still have a thriving, dynamic blog on what is ostensibly (thanks to your insane host) a bearish blog. Can you possibly imagine this place during a downturn? (more…)