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Just Wait Until the Tide Rolls Out

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A couple of years ago, our friends at ZeroHedge did a post about a 22-year old in London who was holding himself out as a wildly successful FX trader (personally, I don’t think such a thing exists). He got the attention of the press by spending money lavishly, including buying a $125,000 bottle of champagne.

Since he was evidently so amazing at making money, naturally he wanted to teach others to do the same………because if you discover the secret to pulling money out of the market, why waste your time in front of a screen doing so when you can be charging modest sums to everyday people to teach them to do it too? So that’s what he did……… (more…)

General Screwup

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ARGH! Aie-eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I present to you my Royal Screwup Of The Day: General Motors. As some of you know, there’s nothing quite so painful about being correct on a trade and yet losing money on it. This is one of those times for me.

I have been bearish on General Motors for a variety of reasons. They came out with their earnings this morning. The Street loved what they heard. They bid the stock up massively (relatively speaking; we’re talking about General Motors, after all). (more…)

Uncovered California

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I’ve shared my gripes about Covered California before, such as here and here. I’ve got more to add.

I’m self-employed, so I get insurance through the so-called Covered California system of health insurance. California is one of the many states that decided, in its infinite wisdom, to not hang off the federal government’s site, but instead spend $100 million of its own to re-invent the wheel. (more…)

Personal Bear Market

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This post has gone through three lives in the past twenty-four hours.

The first life was in the swimming pool. I was taking my first swim of the year, since the water temperature was finally in the 80s. I am a “temp wimp”, so I really want the pool to be warm before I get in. Of course, once my ancient yellow lab Kobe saw me in there, he jumped right in too and swam right beside me. Although he is the human equivalent of over 100 years old, he is a far more capable swimmer. (more…)

How Times Change

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I’m a big fan of Silicon Valley history. Even though I only live a few miles from where the Byte Shop was originally located in 1976, I had never bothered looking up its address. For those who don’t know, the Byte Shop was pretty much the first personal computer store anywhere, and they were the first buyer of Apple products (specifically, 50 Apple I motherboards). Here’s what it looked like:

??????????????????? (more…)