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A Butterfly Made of Sugar

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On that chilly January afternoon after school, i walked into the town library, needing to get a couple of books for a school paper I was assigned. I had made it about halfway over to the shelves when I heard a girl’s voice: “Tim!”

I whipped around, surprised to hear myself called. The voice was from a stunningly beautiful girl my own age whom I had known from my prior school. We had our own summer romance a year and a half prior, which she had broken off, and I thought I’d never see her again. And yet here she was.

That was a moment in time that changed a lot of lives. She told me later she wasn’t sure if she should get my attention or not, thinking that perhaps I would be upset with her and just storm off. But in that impulse, that very young woman decided to take a small chance to see what would happen. And, thus, here I am, as are you.


What’s In a Name?

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Last night, when I first learned about the horrible, disgusting tragedy that took place in Nice, I instantly had this thought (which I tweeted out):


Well, these days, I’ve got to say, it feels satisfying to get at least ONE prediction right:


Some of you will rest assured that no charts were involved in my speculative analysis.

Positive Paternity Test

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I was thumbing through some old files, and I happened to find this tidbit I saved from years ago. It’s one of those puzzle pages that children’s menus have at restaurants, and one of my offspring embellished it……..


If you can’t quite read it, it says, “Look into my eyes……..they are as bleak as my future.” No need for a DNA test, folks. This is definitely a Tim Knight family member.

So Now What?

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I think the two-word phrase that captures 2016 for the bears is: “disappointingly brief.” Disappointing because all attempts to drive the market lower are aborted. Brief because the attempts to do so often last only a day, or a tiny bit more. 2009-2016 has been awful for the bears, but 2016 has simply been awful in a different way.

Let’s take a look at how the bulls seems to have finally clinched real power: first, the Dow Jones Composite has had its channel violated. Before we all kill ourselves, I just want to point out that this same channel was violated to the downside briefly (see both tinted areas), so it’s not a totally lost cause.



Sweet Jesus on a Pita Biscuit

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OK, two things are clear:

(a) There is a God;
(b) He really, really hates Tim Knight

I mean, for Christ’s sake, after getting punched and bullied and smacked around for the last week, I closed Thursday with a mere 39 short positions and 40% in cash (which is super, super light for me). And NOW we seem to be getting a crash (although it’s hours away from the final results as I am typing this).

Here’s a snippet from my chat session with Northy today (about 95% of my side of the conversation involved the word “fuck”):



Viva Hate Mail

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I very rarely get hate mail, but when I do, it usually marks an important top. This chap has written me mean-spirited emails more than once, and the record is awfully good. I’ve put an arrow at the point late at night when the hate mail was sent to me. I’m glad at least someone is looking after the interests of my “fanily” (sic):