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Eastern Tour

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Greetings and felicitations from the bowels of the Baltimore Convention Center. I’ve never stayed in “Charm City” before, and the only reason I’m here is – – well, I don’t even have to tell you. Did you know that 10% of the city is addicted to heroin? I didn’t. Ten. Percent. Isn’t that incredible? Suffice it to say I won’t be moving here.

Besides the aforementioned obvious reason for my presence here, I also took my beloved son up and down the region to visit colleges. He’s rather young for that sort of thing, but we might as well while we’re here. We looked at Penn, Haverford, Swarthmore, and my love of the rural versus urban environments became ever more clear to me. Swarthmore in particular is an idyllic campus. (more…)

Not Even Worth a Binder

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I am deep in the throes of yet another personal project whose outcome I hope to reveal in the near future. During the course of this work, I printed out a 150 page API (application programming interface) documentation, and I wanted to put it in a binder.

Behind my desk are a couple of shelves filled with books and a few binders, each of which contains collected papers about different topics. I didn’t want to bother trying to find a new binder for my API documentation, and my eyes soon landed on something I had forgotten was even there: on the side of the binder was  written, in my own poor scrawl, the name MARTIN ARMSTRONG.

For those of you unacquainted with the man, here’s the Wikipedia article, In fact, it turns out a few years ago they made a documentary about him, whose trailer is here:


Happy Easter from Sixth Grade Tim

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Interesting little tidbit about this photo………the above really was a shot from Audubon Elementary School. You can see from the picture that, even as a child, I tended to take things seriously. The girl on the right is Leigh Ann Williams – – the sort of girl I always liked. Specifically: smart. She wasn’t quite as fond of me. I distinctly remember in the first grade, she grabbed me by the collar with both hands, pulled me forward, and said, “You think life is just a big joke, don’t you?”

Surprisingly how insightful some seven year olds can be. Happy Easter.

Attention ProphetCharts Users

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Good morning, everyone. As I am typing this, the market is down a little, and my shorts are doing fine, but I have no reason to suspect that the market won’t do what it did yesterday and just break the heart of the four remaining bears on the planet again. Get disappointed a few hundred times, and it can make one cynical.

So let’s turn our attention to another sadness, which is this notice that started appearing on the Investools website yesterday: