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Addicted to Hitler Radio

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Recently, I found a favorite new thing to listen to in my car: Hitler Radio. I can’t get enough of it!

Now, don’t get excited. I haven’t let me hatred of Lloyd Blankfein, Janet Yellen, and Gary Cohn get the best of me. There is a very innocent explanation for all of this.

You see, a favorite comedian of mine, Norm MacDonald, has a new NetFlix special called Hitler’s Dog. I watched it and enjoyed it, and when I was driving around in my Tesla a few days ago, I shouted out to the voice recognition system, “Play Hitler’s Dog”. I didn’t expect there would be any audio available yet, but it was worth a shot. Instead, I got this……… (more…)

Granularity’s Value

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There’s an old saw in software you’ve probably heard – – “it’s not a bug; it’s a feature”.

I was reminded of that when thinking about an aspect of SlopeCharts which I initially considered a limitation: it shows weekly or monthly data when it is incapable of showing daily. In other words, the granularity of the data is reduced when there are simply too many bars to display, such as this multi-decade chart of the Dow Industrials.

0513-dji (more…)

Put Me In Coach

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This is just a random anecdote, since another morning of an ES virtually unchanged doesn’t exactly enflame my passion about talking about these oh-so-exciting markets………

I was putting together a family vacation this summer, and I secured us some tickets. The tickets were in the coach section (hey, I’ve been bearish all my life – what do you expect?), but before doing the purchase, I was presented with a series of choices. I want you to keep in mind this is basically a domestic trip. Anyway, kindly take note of the price I was going to pay ($1717) as well as the “Flagship First” offering at the bottom. (more…)

A Fresh Start

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As difficult as it was to have ProphetCharts disappear on me (along with the countless trendlines, channels, and studies I had laid upon the thousands of charts within in), the silver lining I recognized was this: it forced me to start over again, revealing with fresh eyes what was going on in the markets. I mean, let’s face it, equities in the U.S. pretty much look like this:



SlopeCharts Is LIVE!

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On Thursday, May 4th, I tried to do something that I’ve done for about 4,300 consecutive days: launch ProphetCharts. However, for the first time ever in those 4,300 days, it didn’t load. And it didn’t load for one simple reason: it doesn’t exist anymore.

It was a strange feeling, but by virtue of planning ahead on my part (and more than a couple of miracles), I was ready for this. I had a new charting platform to use. And, unlike ProphetCharts, which I had sold in January 2005, I owned this one 100%. And, today, I give it to you, free of charge. I present to you: SlopeCharts. (more…)