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Join My Safari!

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Do you have an iPhone? Do you like to look at residential properties? Do you like reading rhetorical questions? Then I need your help!

Seriously, though, I have been hard at work on a new app for the iPhone which is in the earliest stages of testing. If you are interesting in helping me out on it (and, again, you need an iPhone and be willing to run it through the paces and email me your thoughts and feedback), I’d love for you to participate.

All I need is your UDID of your iPhone (or iPad, for that matter, which is even a more fun way to experience the app). Just fire this URL up on your i-device:

And email the code to

Leaving a comment below (“Hey, Tim! I’m interested”) will do you no good. Just follow the above instructions. Oh, one other thing – – it helps if you live in an INTERESTING neighborhood (e.g. lots of cool houses). If you’re in Tracy, California, and every single house looks the same – – sorry, no thank you.

And if you think there’s something nefarious I can do with that code, errr, no, I can’t. I just need it to get this beta-version product to allow itself to function on your iThing. Thank you!

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

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I’ve been receiving a large quantity of really positive emails lately, some of them so over-the-top that it’s a little embarrassing to read them. I got an interesting one this morning (which wasn’t over the top, but was pleasant in any case) I wanted to share, and I’m doing so with the writer’s permission. I’ve boldfaced a couple of bits.

Dear Tim,

I have been following you for about two years now and highly respect your opinion and show. Your charts speak a thousand words. You keep saying you need more time, but I think the charts speak for themselves. 6 months ago when you said oil was going to 20s, I called my dad and said “Tim Knight is crazy! 20s in oil” My dad also watches your show. I help my dad trade his retirement account along with my account. Today, my dad said, “Tim Knight is the best and called it.”

Unfortunately, I am taking an investments class in college and its been tough to not rant about Tim Knight Theories. We are learning that Charts don’t show much and cannot be the basis for investing. You would probably have a heart attack from screaming. It is hard to learn, but is entertaining to listen to.

2016 will be exciting