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Kinski the Mad Jesus

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When I was a kid, one of the most sensual images burned into my young Tim brain was the sultry lips of Nastassja Kinski. In more recent times, one of my favorite comic bits is Patton Oswalt’s analysis of the difference between Bob Ross (another obsession of mine, but that’s a whole other story) and William Alexander, the latter of whom Patton described as “Klaus Kinski on crank.”

I had never heard of Mr. Kinski before, but he was the father of the aforementioned sultry-lipped beauty. Being a curious sort, I decided to read up on the man and watch some of his acting. I fear I may be getting obsessed with this fellow (much as I did with Harry Nilsson) although Bob Ross and Harry Nilsson weren’t stark, raving mad as Mr. Kinski appears to have been. In any event, below is just a taste – - I watched all 9 segments of Kinski’s “Jesus” performance, and it’s pretty damned amazing.

Interesting Parallel

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This will be the shortest post ever……….a trading friend of mine just wrote me and shared this interesting article called The 64-Month Bubble Pattern. It matches almost exactly the thoughts I was offering in my Six Six Six post from last night. The funny thing is that I didn’t set out writing the post with a conclusion already in mind. I was merely curious, and I counted out the months and was a bit shocked to find such a similarity. Anyway, check out the aforementioned article, since it’s a pretty cool correlate to my own (independent! honestly!) thinking.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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For a price not much higher than that of the Six Million Dollar Man, you can come hang with me here in drought-sticken Palo Alto! In this morning’s paper, there is a property featured in my neighborhood for the low, low price of $6.5 million, which is a cinch if you happen to be one of Facebook’s earlier employees. And the lot size – simply massive – a full .172 of an acre (and I am not making that figure up – less than one-fifth of a single acre). Must be pretty magnificent building, though, eh? Here ya go! (more…)