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Into the Wild Blue Yonder

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Well, friends, I’m off to the airport to begin a long, long, long flight. Five-star general Iguanadon has the keys to the car, and Slope’s contributors have stepped up and stated they will be doing plenty of posts for the next couple of weeks. I’ll still sorta kinda be here, just not quite as persistently as usual. My travels usually coincide with market turmoil, and hopefully this time will be no different. Up, up, and away!


Remember This?

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I grew up in the deep south, in a fiercely anti-union household, and I clearly remember the utterly cornball “Union Label” that appeared on television with surprising frequency. Even as I kid, I wondered why so many men were hanging out at the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Suffice it to say, their quest for “decent wages” to “feed and kids” and “run the house” priced them right out of the market.



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I wanted to let everyone know well in advance that I’ll be heading off on a European trip for about ten days a week from now. From July 29 to August 9, I’ll be on the European continent in a pattern something along these lines:



I’m mentioning this for three reasons:

  1. If there are any Slopers in Prague or Berlin, drop me an email. Maybe we can say hello in person!
  2. I’ll be extra-grateful for content from outside contributors during my ersatz vacation (I’ll be begging emailing them directly shortly before my trip).
  3. Blogger’s guilty is already setting in – - I won’t be posting as actively, particularly since trading hours are, shall we say, much later in the day where I’ll be. But, guilt-prone blogger that I am, I’ll still doing a hell of a lot more posting than most of my peers in the blogosphere.

And, of course, I’ll be sure to post a few interesting photos during my travels. For now, however, I remain firmly ensconced in Palo Alto.

Real Estate Recency Bias

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If there’s one sweet job to have — besides being a Goldman banker – - it’s Palo Alto real estate agent (at least a top-tier one). These days, just toss an ad into the Palo Alto Daily Post, and, voila, multiple above-market offers, of which you get a healthy percentage. The winningest realtor in town these days in Ken DeLeon, who is (not surprisingly) given editorial space on a regular basis in the paper in which he advertises regularly so he can share his (cough cough) objective view on where real estate is headed. His conclusions, of course, tend to suggest everlasting upside.


Apple: Now They’re Cook’n With Gas

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The latest revelation to hit the business world that I feel will be both under reported as well as under estimated is the legitimate sea change that may be taking place with the announcement that Apple® and IBM® will work together to both create and sell products.  Personally I don’t know of any other such collaboration in recent memory that has the possibility of having a truly transformative effect.

As always I’ll state right up front: I am an Apple fanboy and have been for many years. That said I have also been very critical and not shy as to express my consternation when they have made moves that either impacted my user experience (e.g., deleting key features or a “dumbing” down of some products) as well as mergers or purchases that just don’t seem to make sense. e.g., The Beats™ acquisition. (more…)