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Bad Blood Book

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At the risk of getting all Holden Caulfield-y on you, I really hate phony. Anything fake or phony drives me to distraction. Dyed hair. Insincere compliments. Ulterior motives. Plastic surgery. Anyone or anything constructing a facade just rubs me the wrong way.

And that is the principal reason I have written so many posts about Theranos (this is my eleventh one) even though it was never a public company and there’s nothing to chart about it. Some have even wondered out loud if I’m obsessed with Elizabeth Holmes. Far from it. First off, take my word for it, she isn’t my type, and secondly, I don’t get all tingly about baritone-voiced business criminals. Never been a turn-on. Honest. (more…)

Putting a Face to a Tragedy

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There has been much talk in recent years about how computers and robots are going to take over everything. We’re all going to lose our jobs to them. They’re all going to drive trucks and cars. They might even turn on us and take over earth.

I have been mixed up in technology pretty deeply since 1979, and these concerns have never crossed my mind. Technology, even in its most modern form, usually has so many band-aids holding it together, there’s no fear on my part that it’ll suddenly become self-aware and decide to enslave us. Hell, personal computers have been around for over forty YEARS, and they still take several minutes to boot and are prone to freezing. Do you really think the Macintosh would need a “Force Quit” function if technology was totally reliable? It isn’t. (more…)

Hitler High

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The town fathers of Palo Alto have outdone themselves this time.

Here in my town, as with most of America, the public schools are named after public figures of note. All across the country, you’ve got your Washington High, your Lincoln Middle School, Churchill Elementary, and so forth. In Palo Alto, a couple of schools have been named after David Starr Jordan and Fred Terman. They’ve had these names for decades, ever since they were opened.

Well, when political correctness and social justice warriors were at their peak a couple of years ago, some people came upon the fact that Jordan and Terman had, during their time about a century ago, been advocates of eugenics. In their era, many scholars and men of good will openly discussed the idea of improving the human condition by promoting reproduction among “desirables” as opposed to, say, the retards that hang out in the ZeroHedge comments section. (more…)

Servers with a Smile

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Okay, this is about the most random post ever, but moments ago I stumbled across an image floating around my hard drive I had forgotten about: the server map to Prophet. This used to be hush-hush, super-secret stuff, but now I can share it with everyone, since these servers were scrapped ages ago. Instead of naming them something boring, I decided to use names of sins and virtues. When we ran out of those, we came up with heroes and villains (leading to instances of someone screaming “Stalin is down! Stalin is DOWN!”. So…… they are: