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Targeted Capital Explained

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First and foremost I want to thank Tim for allowing me to write a post about my book Targeted Capital: The Art Of Low Risk High Reward Trading.  Second, I want to thank the Slope community as a whole; so far the reception of the book has been nothing short of overwhelming.  Thank you so incredibly much.

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I wanted to quickly spell out what Targeted Capital contains for those who might be interested in picking up a copy of the book.  I truly think Targeted Capital contains relevant information for all traders no matter what their style, market, or preferred timeframe of trading is.  However, the last thing I would want is for someone to purchase a copy and find that it is totally irrelevant to their style of trading.  Here is what the book contains.


A Christmas Memory

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I grew up in the deep south of the United States, and as such, I have a certain allegiance to Truman Capote. Here, in its entirety, is his short story, A Christmas Memory. Merry Christmas, Slopers.

Imagine a morning in late November. A coming of winter morning more than twenty years ago. Consider the kitchen of a spreading old house in a country town. A great black stove is its main feature; but there is also a big round table and a fireplace with two rocking chairs placed in front of it. Just today the fireplace commenced its seasonal roar. (more…)


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I just finished reading Economix: How Our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work), in Words and Pictures and absolutely loved it. Yeah, yeah, it’s a comic book (oh, sorry, “graphic novel”) but it’s a fantastic way to learn about the history of economics. Whether you have a kid whom you’d like to learn about this stuff, or if you’d like to learn more yourself (in a fun way), I highly recommend it. It’s sort of what my own Panic Prosperity and Progress would be like if I could manage to draw well!

Great Deformation Drinking Game

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My adoration of David Stockman’s book The Great Deformation was, I hope, made abundantly clear with my extensive review of the tome (and, judging from my Amazon Associates page, an astonishing number of folks bought the book, including one chap who bought thirteen copies!). One of the charms of the book is its colorful language. For no particular reason, I dreamed up a drinking game based on the book; and, given the future that the book predicts, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be fully inebriated for the days ahead. Thus: (more…)