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Did We Miss That Fourth Turn?

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The markets aren’t exactly a rich, loamy soil for planting prose these days, so I was trying to think0628-fourth of something to write about this weekend. I glanced at my bookshelf and noticed a favorite of mine, The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny, which a couple of readers have mentioned to me again recently. I grabbed the book on the way out the door, thinking it would be a terrific thing to write about.

With the thousands upon thousands of posts I’ve done on Slope, I often forget what I’ve written about in the past, and this was no exception. Before I started putting together my long post on the book, I did a search for “Fourth Turning”, and voila – - been there, done that.

On re-reading what I wrote nearly two years ago, I noticed a few things: (more…)

The Whirled Connection

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In 1982, I wrote my first book, The World Connection, which was published by Howard Sams 0603-twcPublishing in early 1983 when I was still 16 years old. (I had already been writing for national computer magazines for about a year). I would go on to write a couple dozen more books, including those listed here on the blog, but “TWC” would always have a special place in my heart, sort of like a first child. 

The reason this topic came up is because my sister must have been cleaning out an old closet, and she found a copy of this book that I sent her over three decades ago. I hadn’t read the book since it came out, and I was curious to see how my writing had changed and how accurate my prophecies were. (more…)

From The Upcoming Book: The Business Of I

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This is a passage we thought we’d share from Mark’s upcoming book. It’s not in its fully edited form but we thought readers of the blog would like to see parts in the process.
V.V. StreetCry Media

From the chapter with the working title “You Think You’ve Been Screwed!”

Many entrepreneurs as well as C-level executives believe (fool heartily) that once the formality of a signed agreement is completed that both sides are now in agreement. Nothing could be further from the truth. (more…)

Inside the Writer’s Mind

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I’m terribly preoccupied with trading (of all things), so I don’t have time for a “real” post right now. I did want to share this, however. I’m kind of obsessed with Truman Capote and In Cold Blood these days, so I was delighted to find the interview below. When you have time, check it out. It’s an astonishing window into the man and his time.

Signed Copies of My Newest Book

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0224-panicAs many of you know, my latest book, Panic, Prosperity, and Progress, was released by John Wiley just days ago. I have decided to sell a small number of signed copies directly, so I had this special page created on which you can purchase the book via Paypal or a regular credit card. I’m charging the regular retail price for the book and tacking on $10 for shipping (that would be 2-day priority mail) and handling (that would be your favorite blogger putting the damned thing in a box). Please note I’ve only received my first cache of these, so while the first portion will go out promptly, the rest might take an extra couple of days while I wait for the rest of the shipment.

Of course, if you’d rather have a copy unmarred by my signature, you can pick one up (for a lower cost) at good old Amazon.