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Be A Lover Not A Fighter

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It feels good to be back posting on Tim’s blog again. I will try to throw one or two posts up a week going forward.

Right now we are all on top watch, but even though the taper is in full swing, and POMO is only going to be three days a week in July, the charts sure don’t look like a top to me. Both SPY and QQQ’s went back in buy mode for me this week, so I don’t feel like being a hero trying to catch a reversal, but looking to follow what the market is starting to recognize, and buy; basic materials. (more…)

Hopping Aboard the Inflation Express

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My “balanced” Slope of Hope continues with another bullish idea – commodities. That is, symbol DBC, shown below, which I am long. In spite of what your government is telling you, inflation is heating up, and as the central banks of the world force their servants/masters (the big banks themselves) into spewing ever-more cash into the economy, you’re going to see this launch like a rocket.


Ag’s Hole

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One of the big beneficiaries of the sabre-rattling lately has been the agricultural sector, as illustrated by the surge in DBA. It’s mashed right up against its Fibonacci retracement, and it’s also very close to a huge descending trendline. I went ahead and shorted a bunch of DBA just now. (more…)