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Ag’s Hole

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One of the big beneficiaries of the sabre-rattling lately has been the agricultural sector, as illustrated by the surge in DBA. It’s mashed right up against its Fibonacci retracement, and it’s also very close to a huge descending trendline. I went ahead and shorted a bunch of DBA just now. (more…)

A SOH Brother and His Inspiring Enterprise……………Respect!

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Note From Tim Knight: The post below is an unusual one for Slope, as you will soon see. I would not normally publish a post such as this, but I am doing so principally out of gratitude to BDI who has provided dozens of outstanding submissions in the past (to say nothing of his constant presence in the comment stream). However, because the post does allude to a business opportunity, I want it made absolutely crystal clear that the presence of this post is in no way an endorsement. I have absolutely nothing to do with the business at all, nor do I vouch for it or potentially benefit from it in any way. I am simply letting BDI had some Sunday air time to talk about something he’s doing and what I think are the fairly interesting facts behind it. Caveat Sloper!