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More Good News for the Working Class

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Just saw this……….


Just wait until self-driving trucks are fully operational. I’ve mentioned it before: truck driving is, in almost every state, the #1 occupation. We live in interesting times.

As for the market………..I guess the bears had all their fun in the first three weeks of the year and since then, blammo, it’s back to the multi-year torture. My interest in trading and the markets in general resembles a graph of the UVXY these days.

I’ve got to go collect in wits and try to dream up some reasonable content for this place. Feh.


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My fellow bloggers are seeing the same thing I’m seeing: people are just leaving the market in droves. Why? Simple. Because hardly anyone can make money consistently in this beast. Just look at the recent activity. Neither bulls nor bears are winning. If you win one day, you lose the next, and vice versa.

I guess I’m semi-grateful that at least OPEX week wasn’t the bullish fiesta that I feared. But as I stand here right now, I’m outlining my first screenplay, because the boredom and insanity of this market action is really starting to get to me, and I need a creative, positive outlet. For once, I’m actually looking forward to the weekend. This market, once again, sucks.