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Five Interminable Years

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Every now and then, some company will produce a commercial that’s designed to stir up nostalgia and humor among the masses: typically, the commercial will be pushing cars, or soft drinks, or some other consumer item, and it will show cliched scenes from decades past. For each crowd shot of each decade, everyone – and I mean everyone – will confirm rigidly to whatever stereotype exists for that decade. So the 60s crowd will all be hippies and flower-power, the 70s will have everyone disco dancing, the 80s will have everyone playing Rubiks Cubes and Pac Man, the 90s will have everyone dressed for a grunge concert…….. (more…)

Day of Ashes

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I’d be lying to you if I said today didn’t suck. For me, one picture pretty much captures it all: until 11 a.m. PST, my portfolio was contentedly gaining in value, enjoying the slippage of small-caps; the moment the Fed announcemnet hit, all hell broke loose, and I was stopped out of about a quarter of my positions. Absolutely zero fun. (more…)