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XOP Bop or Drop?

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Oil and gas companies have been taking it on the chin recently (largely, I suppose, due to crude oil’s plunging price). We’re at an important support level now, represented by a multi-year trendline. If this line breaks, the fall is going to accelerate, because it has a well-formed head and shoulders pattern working in its favor now as well.


Revenge of the FASholes

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Financials are a peculiar sector, because one didn’t have to nail the March 2009 bottom in order to get a bargain. Indeed, one could have waited about two and a half years – – until October 2011 – – to get incredibly cheap prices. Since then, though, they’ve been marching ever-higher, just like everything else.

However, I noticed an interesting break in the FAS trendline (FAS being the triple-bullish leveraged ETF for financial stocks). Regardez, s’il-vous-plaît………