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From Resistance to Support

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After the explosive eight-day surge in the markets (following the bottom last Wednesday), a whole cache of ultrashort ETF charts looks very interesting on the long side. Below are just a couple of examples, and take note how cleanly resistance has magically changed into support. Next week, particularly Wednesday’s FOMC announcement, will clarify whether these “long” positions (although actually short the market) are as profitable as they might appear.

1024-TWM (more…)

The Return of FAZ

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So many ultrashort funds have turned the corner to the upside, it’s really quite surprising. One in particular is the triple-bearish-on-financials fund, shown below. It is exhibiting the same kind of pattern shared by so many other short funds: an emergence above a descending trendline that goes back for a long, long time. I’d certainly wait for prices to relax back down to the trendline, but before too long, these might be fantastic long positions.


Waxless Brazilian

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I haven’t been following the elections down in Brazil, but apparently people are ga-ga about Brazilian stocks today. Excellent! You want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you: I thought it might take weeks to repair the damage done to Brazilian stocks, and I was worried that the slow uplift in those stocks would goose up our markets as well. Happily, the entire surge took place within minutes of the opening bell, and I’m ready to terrorize our South American neighbors once again. I am shorting with impunity.