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Bears to Grinch Santa Rally? (by MoneyMiser21)

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Bravo bulls, bravo.

Not only did you obliterate the prior all-time high in the S&P 500, but you’ve also set us on the final path higher toward /es 3000 (more on that in a moment).

But let’s not buy and hold just yet. The bulls actions have consequences, and those must be dealt with first.

Consequence #1 – AB=CD

We’ve completed an equal move from the /es (continuous) Brexit low, to the August 23rd prior high, and down to the post-election low (November 9th), with Wednesday’s blast through 2238.50.


Ante Omnia Armari

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I’m concluding latin post title week with a phrase which means ‘before all else, be armed’. This market could get very interesting over the next few weeks, hard as that might be to imagine after the last few weeks. We must all be careful not to get caught on the wrong side of a trade that goes the other way hard. The mini-crash almost exactly a year ago followed an August daily band compression that was smaller than this one.

Decent market information is a useful weapon too of course, Stan and I are analysts rather than clairvoyants but on a good day it can be hard to tell one from the other. I’m particularly pleased with this video that I recorded last night for our Daily Video Service subscribers at, which has given me a very nice morning and a great start to the holiday weekend. I’ll go through the calls on the companion bonus charts below, which were used in the video and then posted for subscribers afterwards. I’ve not included the ES and TF charts as I was mainly relying on the NQ chart for equity index direction, for reasons that should be obvious on the video and chart: (more…)

Noli Illegitemi Carborundum

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I’m having a theme of latin post titles so far this week, though I’m sure that some of you will know that unlike the last two, the sentence I’m using as the title today is joke latin rather than the real variety, and I’m using it as a description of what we have been seeing on equities here as bears waste their window of opportunity to deliver a correction in price here rather than just a correction in time.

It has been a while since I last posted here the bonus charts that I do every day for Daily Video Service subscribers at on various futures every night (with update notes before the RTH open the next day). Given that equities seem so determined to be boring here, this is a good opportunity to show how interesting everything else is looking. I’ve added the overnight updates as well.


Fib Containment

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Crude oil’s strength has been contained (so far, at least) by our friendly local Fibonacci line whose level is $45.14. The high for this session for crude oil………$45.15. If it holds, cue spooky music. If it’s breached, cue eye-rolling. UPDATE! Cue eye-rolling. We’ve breached the level. It’s no-man’s-land at this point.