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Glass Passe

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A little more than a year ago, I did a post with a typically subtle headline: “Why Google Glass Will Fail Miserably“. Well, this just appeared in Reuters, and although its headline isn’t as blunt as mine, the article pretty much states that Glass is every bit the flop I predicted it would be.


Some highlights from the article……

+ “Of 16 Glass app makers contacted by Reuters, nine said that they had stopped work on their projects or abandoned them, mostly because of the lack of customers or limitations of the device.

+ Among the developers, one small, unimportant outfit that’s ditched Glass is a firm named Twitter

+ Glass now sells on eBay for as little as half list price.

+ “Alex Foster began See Through, a Glass advertising analytics firm for business, after a venture firm earlier this year withdrew its offer to back his consumer-oriented Glass fitness company when it became clear no big consumer Glass release was imminent.”

+ And the corker: “It looks super nerdy,” said Shvetank Shah, a Washington, DC-based consultant, whose Google Glass now gathers dust in a drawer. “I’m a card carrying nerd, but this was one card too many.

So there.

In Case There Was Any Doubt

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I did a post less than a month ago called Won’t You Be My Neighbor? which vividly captured a crumbling rustbucket of a “house” that was being offered for $1.8 million. The house is located on a very busy boulevard (in spite of the “very desirable area” mentioned below), and I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a “Sold” sign ever since. The absence of such a sign made me think, well, people have finally come to their senses. No one is buying this dump.

Of course, this isn’t the case………I present to you this news from this morning’s paper:

1115-house (more…)