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Sound as a Dollar

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Back on May 3rd, I did a Slope Plus post suggesting going long the US dollar. As I phrased it at the time: “The Yen and Euro have been very strong in recent months. I believe this is about to turn, and thus I am banking on a strengthening dollar. There are plenty of ways to play this (short the Euro, short the Yen, etc.) but I’m going to use the lame-o, thinly-traded UUP.”

Well, let’s take a fresh look at the charts. Shorting the Yen has gone pretty well, and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of support, so this probably is a good “hold”:




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Way back on August 14th of last year, I offered up the idea to short SolarCity which, as I put it, had “nothing but losses and a really overhyped CEO”. Well, it was a pretty wild ride since then, but on the whole, that short idea has worked out rather well! (I’ve marked the post with an arrow)


As for today, FRGI is my one bright spot, since I suggested it only on Sunday and it’s getting blown to pieces. As for the day in general………..well……..kinda sucks, don’t it, bears?