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Digging Up Fossil

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I first wrote about Fossil Group as a short nearly three years ago, when it was a triple-digit price. It has lost about 80% of its value since then, but besides pointing out this long-term downtrend, I also wanted to know that it seems after every one of these major smack-downs, there seems to be a recovery. This is a very, very sick stock, obviously, but at least take note of what happens when the stock sells off hard each time in the past.


Big Swinging DECK

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Well, it doesn’t happen that often these days, but when it does, it sure feels nice: one of my shorts got absolutely firebombed after the market closed today. Deckers Outdoor Corporation (symbol DECK), which I’ve touted repeatedly here on Slope and on my Tastytrade show as a great short idea, lost nearly a quarter of its value. Tomorrow should be quite the firestorm.

Here’s what the after hours trading looked like…….