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Hail to the Chief

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In case any of you might be feeling awkward this morning about our leadership, here’s some relief from abroad……..apparently the King of Thailand is suing Facebook to keep pictures like the one below off the Internet. Umm, good luck with that, your highness.

Oh, one other fun fact – – see the fluffy white dog being held by the lovely lass? That dog was the Air Marshall of the Thai Air Force. I kid you not. His name? Fufu.

China Bounce or Catastrophic Drop Coming?

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Further to my post of May 7, the following Daily comparison and ratio charts of China’s Shanghai Index (SSEC) and Australia’s Composite Index (AORD) show that SSEC now sits at long-term major support (in both instances), once again, and is vulnerable to further weakness in comparison with AORD.

We’ll see if the Shanghai Index can muster a bounce here and gain any kind of sustainable strength and momentum to support an eventual breakout to higher prices in the Australian Index, or whether a plunge here produces a follow-on drop in AORD.

Failure at current levels could produce a catastrophic and swift drop for China down to the lows produced in 2014. (more…)


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Given the mayhem that took place a couple of weeks ago during the first round of the French elections, I was naturally curious to see what would happen yesterday, during the runoff. Marchon was widely expected to win, and he did so, and quite handily. As with the last instance, there was a sudden “pop” in just about every market………the difference this time being the pop lasted about a quarter of a second, followed by a slow erosion through the night. First with crude oil……..