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Stay Below the Gap

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Weird morning so far, eh? All I heard about, over and over again this weekend, was the big Time Warner (TWX) buyout, with a purchase price of $106 per share. Right now it’s trading at 87.48, down about 2.5% from Friday. Umm, I don’t even care enough to explore why, but it hardly sounds like an orgy of excitement to me.

What’s crucial to my eyes is for the Major Market Index to retain its broken trendline and stay beneath the gap I’ve highlighted below.


Broker/Dealer Gap

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It’s more than a little puzzling to me that interest rates are dropping, but financials are strengthening – – – of course, in this market, it seems everything is required to go up, logic be damned, so who am I to argue? In any case, the horizontal I’ve highlighted below is Custer’s Land Stand for the important broker/dealer index.