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Interest Rate Gap

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Interest rates have been zooming higher the past four days. I think an important level to watch is the gap on $TNX at 26.11 (that is, a rate of 2.611%). If it stllls there and starts working lower, the drop in interest rates will probably accelerate to new lows for the year.


Another Glorious Victory for TA

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I have only two small screens today, not my usual eight large screens, but even in these primitive conditions, I am loving what I am seeing. Blood, chaos, and crumbling stock prices everywhere. Keep this up for a few years, and I can find my bliss. I’ll mention one stock in particular (which I’ve pointed out many, many times both here and on TT) – CREE – that has fulfilled its destiny of closing its gap. Sure, it could keep falling, but at least this goal has been met. Huzzah!