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Big Blew It

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It’s a strange world we live in that has a company like Facebook as a steady, consistent, rock-solid performer whereas International Business Machines has become the unreliable, flaky stock that likes to make huge price gaps based on earnings surprises. But that’s the truth. The big drop IBM took last October took nine months to heal (see arrows). That healing is for naught, because the moment the opening bell rings, IBM is going to be down at Greek crisis lows, and I suspect a new direction will be in force for the stock.


Oil Index Gap

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Until March 13, energy stocks were a total kick on the short side. Since then, they’ve been clawing their way back, right alongside crude oil. I have no interest in shorting crude, but as we approach the key gap I’ve pointed out below, I’m more and more interested in getting back into the short side of energy stocks.


I’ve already in a few energy positions right now; namely: BP, CLR, CSIQ, DOV, FSLR, GPOR, HFC, IOC, NBL, OKE, SM, and WPZ.

As for my portfolio in general, I amped things up Tuesday. I went from 52 short positions to 75. Let’s see what effect, if any, the Fed Minutes have on Wednesday. The meat of any move may not take place until we get a critical mass of earnings reports over the next few weeks.