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Micron Gap Fill

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Since I am typing this before the market opens, the earnings-surprise gap isn’t reflected in the chart below, but MIcron is surging strongly with a quote of about $23 right now. This will go a long way to closing its gap, pointed out below, at the 23.66 price level. I’m going to be watching this, because if it can stay below (or at least not far above) 23.66, it may be a very interesting new short based on its gap closure. It took half a year to undo the damage from the gap, but it’s clear that today will finish the job.


Couple Commodity Comments

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Happy new week, everyone. I’m relieved we’re past Thanksgiving and can get back to normalcy. I wanted to make a couple of remarks about two big commodities out there – gold and oil.

As for gold, it’s been having a wretched time since July 6th, from which it’s fallen about 15%. It is finally getting a little bit of strength, but I think it’ll be short-lived. The most logical place for it to crawl back would be the gap I’ve pointed out below, just about $1200. After such time, I think the weakness will continue afoot. I have no precious metals positions at all right now, but if gold strength continues, I’ll be looking hard at GDXJ again for a short sale.