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Big Picture Views

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With all the hype and noise built in to daily and weekly market management, sometimes it is worthwhile to dial out, calm things down and touch base with markets on the big picture. Here are views on various markets (with limited commentary) by way of some NFTRH monthly charts.

Let’s start with currencies, since they are a reflection upon global policy making, which has been unprecedented in its direct market interference over the last few years.

Nominal Charts – Currency

We noted the hot air patch in the Canada dollar last year. I had thought CDW might stop and find support at 85, which is a measurement from the topping pattern; but so far, no dice.



Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane

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Note from Tim: about a week ago, everyone’s favorite Sloper BDI encouraged me to read an entry on his Stealthflation blog, which I did. The article, by James Howard Kunstler, was so indecently rich, I felt like a starving man who had just been handed five superbly-crafted cheesecakes. There is so much rich goodness in it, it’s almost impossible to believe. I’m leaving this post up all day. Please read it. It is superb, and I thank BDI for getting permission from Mr. Kunstler to republish it here on Slope:

Submitted by James Howard Kunstler – KlusterFuckNation

“Don’t look back — something might be gaining on you,” Satchel Paige famously warned. For connoisseurs of civilizational collapse, 2014 was merely annoying, a continued pile-up of over-investments in complexity with mounting diminishing returns, metastasizing fragility, and no satisfying resolution. So we enter 2015 with greater tensions than ever before and therefore the likelihood that the inevitable breakdown will release more destructive energy and be that much harder to recover from.

I don’t know how anyone can trust the statistical bullshit emanating from our government reporting agencies, or the legacy news organizations that report them. Yet the meme has remained firmly fixed in the popular imagination: the US economy has recovered! GDP grows 5 percent in Q3! Manufacturing renaissance! Energy independence! Cleanest shirt in the laundry basket! Best-looking house in a bad neighborhood…!

¡No hay problema!


The Charlie X Solution

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Like other members of the sane world, I have been disturbed and distressed about the latest doings of the religion of peace, as Islamic nut-jobs terrorize the gentle citizens of Paris with murder and mayhem. As a writer myself, I feel strongly about the need for uncensored speech, and to see these members of what surely must be the universe’s most psychologically-insecure religion slay satirists is deeply saddening.

And yet on Friday morning, the solution came to me in a shot. And, as with most good solutions, it comes from no less a place than Star Trek: The Original Series. Hear all now my idea:


Slope Highlights 2014 (Part 3 of 3)

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Here is the third and final part of my retrospective with links to what I believe are the best posts of 2014 at Slope of Hope:

  • Technical Tools Tale – my “pre-Prophet” job experience was at a little startup in Los Altos called Technical Tools, which included a stint with a famed market wizard.
  • Mojave’s Story – I have three dogs now, and this is the story about how I found my third dog, Mojave, during the summer and adopted him into the family.
  • The King of Sooth – explaining my obsession with the deceased art instructor Bob Ross
  • My Town’s Transformation – what’s happened to my little college town of Palo Alto?
  • A Change in Tone – in which I pledge to try to be more balanced and less permabearish (ummm, it didn’t work)
  • Pity the Sub-Genius – definitely one of my favorite posts of the year, if not the entire history of the blog. It’s hard to explain; just read the damned thing.
  • Zachary – the tale of a severely-deformed man who spends his time on University Avenue here in Palo Alto
  • Shifting Sands – a post that predicted oil would follow the same stumbling tumble as gold and silver had, which it did.
  • In Perpetuity – the shock and awe from the surprise Abe announcement in late October
  • Revisiting Truth’s Moment - comparing the pickup in volatility from 2007 to what we’re seeing today
  • My MarketMax Tale – a dream job becomes a disaster for me, and I’m ultimately kicked to the curb
  • Clinkle is New Color - some high-tech startups are really stupid. Like, say, this one.

That’s it, my friends! The best of 2014! Be safe tonight, and unless you work for the Fed, please make sure you’re sober behind the wheel.

Slope Highlights 2014 (Part 2 of 3)

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(Part One from yesterday can be seen here). As 2014 sputters to its termination, I wanted to share some of what I consider to be the best posts of the year. I am immensely proud of this blog, which – – incredibly – – turns ten years old next year, and I am exceedingly grateful to those of you who has chosen to spend part of your days here on a regular basis (for some of you, almost as long as the blog as been in existence). Here is the second part of my retrospective: (more…)