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Sunday Stroll through Index Park

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Based on what I saw during my visit last night, Disneyland’s newest ride is the Leap Over an Opioid Addict attraction just outside the park. They were all white males around thirty years old or so, sprawled out on the ground. At least it was more engaging than the boring Monsters Inc. ride inside the park itself.

But that’s not why we’re here. It’s a Sunday morning, and I’m out of posts (except for one waiting in the wings for the appropriate afternoon), so I’ll cobble one together. It isn’t easy, though. See, here’s what a normal market looks like:



US, Global, Commodity & Precious Metals Big Picture Views

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Time once again for a review of the big picture, because… perspective. For example, in my mind I feel that training has been done to not expect a real whopper of an inflation trade. That was from the conditioning of the global deflationary force, post 2007. Yet the technicals for industrial metals are bullish for more upside, as you’ll see below.

Anyway, here are big picture monthly charts with limited word interference from me (and hence, not comprehensive analysis). It’s just for your own individual reflection if you’re even into this stuff like I am. (more…)

Beyond the Pale

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I’ve been online for over a third of a century, starting with a 300 baud modem and a BBS. During the latter portion of that timespan, the age of the Internet, I’ve been exposed to countless thousands of ads, increasingly customized to my habits, purchases, search engine requests, and whatever else can be ascertained about me by my online activity.

Starting a couple of years ago, I started noticing something odd about the web sites I visited. And here she is:



Searching Text Notes

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Hey, folks, let’s make some NOTES in SlopeCharts!

The entry of text notes, launched last night, is the “input” that Slopers contribute. The “output” is just as interesting, however, because you can search through the text notes of all Slopers to see the charts they have posted and what their annotations are.

There’s one problem, though – – there’s hardly any notes yet, because this is a brand new feature! So I’m going to do my part and start going through all my charts, annotating them copiously. We’d all appreciate if you’d do the same with your own charts. (more…)

God is Dead

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That’s something I’ve got in common with Private Pyle: he wants to be different. For whatever reason, I’m a contrarian to the core. Indeed, one of the appeals of messing around with personal computers back in 1980 was that practically nobody else was doing it (in case you hadn’t noticed, the unusualness of microcomputers vanishes decades ago, so that aspect of the appeal is likewise gone).