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Surprisingly Interesting

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I wanted to share with you something I watched by accident that I really enjoyed: it’s the Actors Studio with Jerry Lewis. Now, let me be clear: I hardly know anything about Jerry Lewis. I’ve never watched any of his movies. I vaguely remember the (boring) Telethons from when I was a kid. Jerry was before my time.

All the same, this interview is fascinating, and it gives you a passing knowledge about someone who was an absolute colossus in the entertainment world in the middle of the 20th century. There’s even a stock trading story in here! Check it out:

Great Moments in Robo-News

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I found this amusing, and it certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen it: Google News puts its front page together via algorithm, as opposed to human editors. This can produce some, umm, misleading presentations, such as the top-of-page front page article below, in which the face of the smiling, youthful writer of the article is adjacent to an alarming headline about a dangerous escapee from prison.