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The Realist

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When I was in college, one of my favorite courses was a history of the 1960s in America. A prominent illustration in one of the books was from The Realist which featured The Disneyland Memorial Orgy (that was later beautifully colored). You can click on the image below to see the big version, which features the Disney characters at the time defecating, using drugs, urinating, practicing exhibitionism, and engaging in various and sundry manner of coitus. Disney, of course, is a hundred times bigger (and a hundred times worse) today, so the take-down is all the more appropriate.


Great Deformation Drinking Game

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My adoration of David Stockman’s book The Great Deformation was, I hope, made abundantly clear with my extensive review of the tome (and, judging from my Amazon Associates page, an astonishing number of folks bought the book, including one chap who bought thirteen copies!). One of the charms of the book is its colorful language. For no particular reason, I dreamed up a drinking game based on the book; and, given the future that the book predicts, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be fully inebriated for the days ahead. Thus: (more…)