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Fire Metaphor Time

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Well, while we await a real post, here’s an interesting little scene caught on camera only because the guy is a serious gamer. Roll forward to about the 4:50 mark. This hapless chap accidentally sets a tiny fire burning in his apartment, and since I suspect he’s been involved in gaming for years, he has sort of lost touch with how the real world works (pro tip: it is unwise to try to suppress a growing fire by throwing dry stacks of cardboard boxes on top).

All Is Vanity

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And here, my friends, I present to you some of the very worst of America: sorority girls.

Vapid. Vain. Vacuous. And always taking selfies. Just drink in some of this and comprehend the blinkered Philistine pig-ignorance that is before you. All hail duck lips! Honestly. Watch this. Take a good, long look. It’s appalling on multiple levels.

My only rejoinder, of course, comes from Star Trek (since, in spite of my boyish good looks, I am a dork at heart).