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Thoughts on “Silicon Valley”

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A few years ago, when the HBO series “Silicon Valley” premiered, I rolled my eyes. I don’t normally like looking at the culture in which I reside (which is why I’ve never watched any of the Steve Jobs movies).

A few weeks ago, though, prodded by my SV-loving son, I started watching it – – and, yep, you know what happened – – I got hooked and watched the entire thing, from Series 1 through 4, every episode. It’s a very funny show, and pretty damned accurate. I’m actually glad my son watched the whole thing, since I want him to understand the culture around here without getting hurt too much by it.

Here’s one clip from it, which is about 50 times funnier if you’ve been watching the whole series; it also is critically-important to the season finale.

I actually need to excuse myself for the afternoon, since I’m helping a dear friend get her office set up, but hopefully Jack or someone will come along with a post. In the meanwhile…….suck it, Jin-Yang.

Silicon Valley Meets David Cross

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I first moved to the Silicon Valley in 1984. That was before……..well………pretty much everything. No Twitter, Facebook, Google. No Internet. Steve Jobs was about a year away from getting kicked out of Apple. The most sophisticated computer users (like, err, myself) were on 1200 baud modems dialing up to the likes of CompuServe.

Even so, the Valley back then was the home of at least a few riches. Intel, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and other public firms had flooded new money into the area, but in spite of that, it still had very much a homespun college town feel to it. If you just dropped someone into any given neighborhood in Palo Alto – – even the nicest ones, like Crescent Park or Old Palo Alto – – they might guess they were strolling a pleasant suburb in Ohio or Illinois.

I was somewhat shaken, then, to see this on the front page of our town paper:



Gallagher Being Gallagher

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This 2007 interview is simultaneously fascinating and sad – – Gallagher, presently 71, comes off as painfully bitter. Almost every single comedian they ask about he declares as just terrible. Also take note early on he claims to know more about stocks than all the Wall Street analysts combined (which, let’s face it, is probably true).

I gather he recorded this ten years ago, and if I recall correctly, he got wiped out with all the “stock trading” he refers to early in this interview. Not a Slope reader I guess, eh?