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Worst. Spam. Ever.

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Like the rest of you, I get spam on a daily basis, and sometimes it’s so painfully obvious as to be funny. For instance, I just got this in my inbox:


So I’m assuming these spammers actually want people to (a) open the email and (b) click on whatever link they provide. So right away, they’ve done a poor job, because Apple isn’t going to have apple_Support in the From field, and they’re not going to have an all-lowercase “warning” (including, God forbid, putting the name Apple in lowercase). But let’s just say someone was blinkered enough to want to check it out: (more…)

Fifteen Years with No Change

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I scanned a couple of my favorite comics from This Modern World from back in 1999 (they are askew since I scanned them in and the book wasn’t quite in there perfectly……….forgive me!) This just goes to show how little has changed; the first comic has to do with the concentration of wealth, and the second with insane valuations of Internet companies. No need for time travel, friends! Click either one to see a larger version. (more…)

Behold Marty’s Wrath

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As regular Slopers know, I have resorted to voodoo to knock down the market during those instances when I find it annoying (which, recently, has been constantly). My tool, of course, is Marty the child-loving, cannibalistic puppet from Joy Junction. Being from Louisiana, I am utterly comfortable with voodoo, and I have no compunction about drawing from the forces of dark powers to assert my desire onto the financial markets. The fact that – for the moment at least – we are seeing a triple-digit down day on the Dow, borders on the miraculous.