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Khristmas Krap

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It’s hard for me to imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate the birth of the redeemer of our sins and the lamb of God than the shameless purchase of a bunch of useless crap that no one wants or needs. Having done a bit of flying recently, I took the opportunity to once again peruse the SkyMall catalog, from which I humbly offer these last-minute ideas:

Darth Vader Toast -“As the two suns rise over Tatooine (or just that single one over Earth), you’ll 1224-darthmake your toast and marvel at Star Wars logo branded into it. Be the first of your friends to place this on the countertop: Darth Vader’s helmet, dispensing perfectly prepared breakfast bread.” OK, look – I’m a Star Wars kid. I first saw it in 1977 and was hooked for life. But this is one of those kinds of gifts I can’t stand, because it is basically interesting and amusing for, oh, about one piece of toast. No one actually wants this. Certainly no one needs this. There are countless better ways to spend $45 than a device that will burn a logo onto your bread. (more…)