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E-Mini S&P500 Analysis

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Chart Analysis

Yesterday the market closed sharply down. In the ESH15 chart below we are showing the OVERSOLD situation, based on our models, on three different time periods: DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY. The values in the gauges at the bottom of the chart represent how much the market is oversold at the price level indicated under the “BUY” arrow, for each time period analyzed.

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Inflicting Maximum Pain

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So I found myself staring at the E-Mini charts for quite a while this morning. Usually I am pretty snappy when it comes to sorting through the dos and duds of the day – on average I spent in between 2 to 5 seconds on a particular chart. If it doesn’t speak to me right away – meaning if my brain doesn’t pick up sufficient context within that time frame I simply discard it and move on. It’s a daily procedure that has served me pretty well over the years.



E-mini S&P500 Market Analysis

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Chart Analysis

The DAILY chart of the ESH15 below helps us visualize the fact that the potential upside for the DAILY impulse is limited if compared to the potential downside. Why? Because our calculation of the impulse extension TO GO SHORT begins from the last candle closing down, i.e. 1994.5 on January 6, 2015, and so a good part of the possible total extension of this upward impulse has been already eaten away by the current wild bounce. On the other hand, the calculation of the TO GO LONG levels starts from the latest up Close, and so there is plenty of room to go down from these highs. For the investor, this means that it would be a bad idea to buy right now, better wait for the inevitable pullback and then, at that point, we can buy at better prices.

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