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Here There Be Dragons

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Yesterday morning ES tested the weekly pivot at 2035.5, and then SPX tested the 50 hour MA and then SPX was off to the races again. That 50 hour MA has held on five tests out of the last six trading days and until we see a break below it this uptrend is still very much intact. That first break below would normally also precede the main high, so that main high still doesn’t look close here. SPX 60min chart:

141121 SPX 60min Support at 50 HMA (more…)

In Between Daze

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SPX declined modestly yesterday, bottoming out at 2001, just above the 1995-2000 target range I posted in the morning, and has recovered strongly overnight. As I said yesterday I’m not seeing anything to strongly suggest a high here and am looking at trendlines in the 2040 and 2060 areas for resistance. If we see a break below 1992 today I may reconsider that view. SPX daily chart:

141105 SPX Daily Trendlines BBs MAs (more…)

The Air Is Getting Thin

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SPX broke above the daily middle band yesterday and tested the 100 DMA. More importantly though, the high yesterday was within a couple of points of testing the weekly middle band. Given that today is Friday that may well be formidable resistance today, and while I’d quite like to see a test of yesterday’s high today, I’m very doubtful about seeing a move significantly higher. This is closing resistance, so only the closing price today is important for that. We could see a move somewhat higher intraday. SPX weekly chart:

141024 SPX Weekly Middle Band Test


The Shadow of 1987

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On Wednesday night, after some seriously wild action had settled down a bit after hours, I made some educated guesses in my trading room about what ES/SPX might do over the next few days. Some of these I also talked about on twitter then and yesterday morning. They were as follows from ES 1842-3 at the time:

1. ES was making the second low of a double bottom targeting the 1855 area (Topped at 1857)
2. That move should make the second high of a double top (target 1821 area) (bottomed 1815)
3. An (Thursday) AM low would be made on SPX in the 1830-40 ES area (low was 1828)
4. SPX would then break up from an IHS with a target in the 1920 area (pending)
5. That 1920 area would be reached on Thurs/Fri this week (pending)
6. SPX would reverse back down hard to hit the 1789 double top target (pending)
6. That double-top target would be hit Tues – Thurs next week (pending) (more…)

The Badgers Are Getting Angry

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I remember a trader describing some of the days with really wild swings in the 2011 pullback as angry badgers days, and that has stuck with me since as an oddly appropriate way to describe wild days with big declines and strong rallies as the markets head lower in a strong downtrend. After Friday, and looking at indices around the world, there is every reason to think that we are in another strong downtrend here, and if that’s right then all longs are now very dangerous and all rallies should be shorted until SPX reaches the 1800 target area where it may find support.

On the daily chart SPX put in a fourth day of the second lower band ride from the highs, and put the low in at the test of the 200 DMA, and slightly above main double-top support at 1904. On a sustained break below 1904 the double-top target would be in the 1789 area and I’m not seeing much reason to think that target wouldn’t be made. SPX daily chart: (more…)

In the Shadow of a Volcano

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The very strong decline yesterday caught me by surprise, as we had a very nice setup to retest the highs and a strong daily buy signal to back that up. I was expecting SPX to hold the 1940-50 area in line with fib retracement targets and that didn’t happen. So where does that leave us this morning?

Well in terms of the buy signal these are most immediately bullish in the context of a supportive pattern setup. We had one yesterday morning and we don’t have it now. The very nice double bottom setup is badly, and most likely fatally, damaged. I’m not a big believer in triple bottoms, which are rare, and tend to be raised as a possibility mainly when a possible double bottom is in the process of coming apart. The falling megaphone target back at the highs was only really interesting in the context of that double bottom. My megaphone targets as counter-trend patterns are the standard range of fibonacci retracements, and this one has already retraced slightly over 50% of the megaphone move. (more…)