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Kinski the Mad Jesus

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When I was a kid, one of the most sensual images burned into my young Tim brain was the sultry lips of Nastassja Kinski. In more recent times, one of my favorite comic bits is Patton Oswalt’s analysis of the difference between Bob Ross (another obsession of mine, but that’s a whole other story) and William Alexander, the latter of whom Patton described as “Klaus Kinski on crank.”

I had never heard of Mr. Kinski before, but he was the father of the aforementioned sultry-lipped beauty. Being a curious sort, I decided to read up on the man and watch some of his acting. I fear I may be getting obsessed with this fellow (much as I did with Harry Nilsson) although Bob Ross and Harry Nilsson weren’t stark, raving mad as Mr. Kinski appears to have been. In any event, below is just a taste – - I watched all 9 segments of Kinski’s “Jesus” performance, and it’s pretty damned amazing.

Great Moments in Bad Taste

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0818-robinI just saw this ad…………incredible. A financial planning firm is actually using Robin Williams’ image (without permission, I think we can all rest assured) and name to pedal its financial products. Seriously, is there any limit to decency anymore? This man just killed himself, leaving behind millions of saddened fans and a heartbroken family, and some schmuck trying to make a buck uses Williams’ name and face in an attempt to benefit? Disgusting.

Barry Lyndon

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It’s a strange day today. Since the wee hours of this morning, Slope has been, from my perspective, offline. But this isn’t really the case. There’s a big-ass (I’m using technical terms here) problem with chunks of the Internet, partly thanks to the world’s most-hated company, Comcast. If you’re interested, you can see the commotion right here.

As with yesterday, I’ve been shorting left, right, and sideways, in spite of the market being annoying almost beyond words. Indeed, in my options account, I’ve done something I’ve never done before, which is put every single penny into positions (I’m often very conservatively positioned, with the majority of the account in cash). You can call me The King of Puts. (Alternately, King Putz). (more…)

Data versus Attitude

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This screen shot below just goes to show how a single data point can be spun according to the disposition of the observer. Reuters Business is “just the facts, ma’am”, when it comes to this morning’s consumer confidence number. Business Insider is the typical rah-rah, permabull, USE ALL CAPS zealot (BOOM – Good Lord, people). And, of course, our friend Tyler at ZeroHedge sneers at the ostensibly good news. As journalism students have long been told: “consider the source.”