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Tough to Say

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You probably have heard that the cover story on Barron’s this week proclaims “This Time It’s Different.” Barron’s is, of course, all too aware of its “cover curse”, but the record there is really spotty. Sometimes their cover does indeed proclaim exactly the opposite of what’s about to happen, such as with Facebook. Other times, such as last year’s proclamation that “The Bull’s In Charge“, they are absolutely right. So I frankly think the “cover curse” is a total crapshoot, particularly when the cover itself, in a very “meta” fashion, openly voices its doubt.



Pity the Sub-Genius

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They say be careful what you wish for. And, as is often the case, “they” are right.

As a kid, I wished the world favored the smart. I was a smart kid, and it seemed like the world – at least my world – was dominated by bullies and airheads. Might made right, just like in the times of old. My high IQ and love of learning were no match for popular dolts, so a portion of my childhood was wasted just trying to disappear into the background.

Unknown to me at the time, much of the adult world operated the same way. It didn’t take a 1123-sublot of intellect to have a respectable, enjoyable middle class existence in the world of the 1970s. The willingness to put in a full day’s work (or, if protected by a union, a portion of a day’s work) was enough to trump the potential impediment of a double-digit IQ. As I’ve mentioned before, my own uncle had a nice house, an even larger vacation home, and plenty of leisure time, and he worked inside the stink of a Louisiana paper mill.

The world did change, however, exactly as I hoped. My first indication was a cover story of California magazine titled “Revenge of the Nerds” with Steve Wozniak’s smiling face and Apple-logo eyeglasses. It turns out the grey matter languishing in my head started to have value. At 15 years of age, I began writing articles for nationally-distributed computer magazines. At 16 years old, I wrote my first published book, which was followed by a couple dozen others. I was earning enough money to buy a Porsche in high school. It was suddenly cool – and profitable – to be smart. (more…)

Let Them Eat – Student Debt!

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This past Friday I like many others were waiting for my comedic coffee break to be broadcast over the financial media outlets. When the set up was told I grinned in amusement and expectation. When the punchline was delivered I almost fell off my chair as I buckled in uncontrollable laughter. That punchline? The unemployment rate now stands at 5.8% Now that’s comedy!

Just when I felt my sides couldn’t take any more unbeknownst to me the preceding line of comedic humor unleashed by the so-called “smart crowd” was one line of ridiculous humor laced drivel after another. (more…)

Good-Bye, Tom

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Many Slopers, including myself, were saddened to hear of the death of Tom Magliozzi, one half of NPR’s Car Talk team. As I mentioned in the comments section, I have no interest in cars or car repair, past touting the virtues of my Tesla S. Back in the days when I drove barbaric gas-powered cars, I only knew how to put fuel in the tank; that was the extent of my knowledge.

What a lot of people don’t’ recognize, though, is that the two brothers who hosted Car Talk were probably one of the greatest comedic improvisational teams ever. Simply stated, they always made me laugh, and every Sunday, I felt like I was listening to two kooky relatives at Thanksgiving dinner. Rest in peace, Tom………. (more…)

Listen to the Secret Goldman Recordings

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Goldman Sachs, as is widely known, is the most venal and amoral organization in corporate America. They will stop at absolutely nothing to line their already very packed pockets, although doctors across the land were able to save some cash on vomit-inducing drugs by instead showing them the cheesy Goldman Sachs ads from 2010 touting how they were doing God’s Work for the nation.

Of course, in this politically-correct culture of ours, people are too nervous to dare criticize Goldman, lest they be accused of being you-know-what. NPR, to their credit, has put together a sensational hour of secret recordings (drawn from nearly 48 hours of raw audio) that were made illustrating, in no uncertain terms, how utterly captured the U.S. “regulators” at the Fed are who work at (or, more accurately, for) Goldman Sachs. It is well worth your time to listen to this piece. It will make you mad, and although the nation’s anger isn’t enough to remove this black-hearted cancer of a company from the planet, it’s at least worthwhile to be better-informed. Click here to listen to This American Life’s expose…………