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Jobs: The Movie

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Today I finally got around to watching the movie Jobs (the one starring Ashton Kutcher)0408-jobs

I confess I had hesitations about watching it at all. For one thing, I am far too close to the subject matter. I have studied Steve Jobs since 1982. Even in the late 1980s, he wasn’t a household name, and my roommate in college pronounced “Jobs” with a long O (as you would say the word “robes”), which drove me right up the tree. I was into Jobs two decades before it became really cool.

Having seen the movie, I can also attest to having met half the people that were featured in it. The entire topic of Apple – - its entire history from 1976 to present – - is something I know fairly deeply, so I knew I wouldn’t learn anything new from the movie, but I was concerned about how much it might irk me with inaccuracies. (more…)

Slope Scoops the Old Grey Lady

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No, I’m not referring to Yellen again. I am referring to The New York Times. Let me explain…….

Since I attempt not to irk my readers overly frequently, I’ve learned to avoid the Warren Buffett topic in general. I last mentioned him a couple of months ago, and as usual, a chorus of Uncle Warren Is Awesome folks jumped up and down. Even with my usual preface about what a gee-whiz swell guy he is, from the banjo-pickin’ to the homespun wisdom, daring to question the So What of Omaha gets me into trouble. (more…)

The Facebook Effect

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Nothing conjures up visions of grandeur today faster than anything related to social media. No not0330-fb using it, that’s for the uninformed.  The real place one wants to focus their eyeballs is in the mad rush to develop something that sounds as if it can make money. then, don’t try selling it to users first. No, first things first. Sell it to the most highly coveted customers known in tech today: the investors.

Get this group on board first and customers be damned for we’re talking cha-ching here. Actual customers or users are secondary to today’s silicon valley mindset. You just need the “story” of users or customers to sell the idea first, not the other way around. (more…)

Thinking We’re Alone

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Back in the late 1980s, one-hit-wonder Tiffany burst on the scene (or at least burst into malls across the nation). She’s been making music ever since, and I say “good for her!” that she’s still doing what she loves.

I hadn’t thought of her in a long while (and even when she was briefly a big deal, I never listened to her music), but I bring this up because of a cool documentary I saw in Netflix yesterday called I Think We’re Alone Now. It was terrific, so if you’re on Netflix, check it out. I have known plenty of people just like the lunatics featured in the documentary, and if we’re ever together and you buy me a couple of beers, I could tell you some stories. Check out the trailer: (more…)