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The Water’s Fine!

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Well, the day following one of the most vicious market routs in history, MarketWatch has wasted no time in encouraging people to jump right back in:


And, just in case you need something specific, here’s this none-too-subtle hint:


I’m all for this kind of mass-media sheep-cheerleading nonsense. Buy, buy, buy! I need higher prices for shorting!

American Whirl

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I’ve written about American Girl before, such as this post. For those unacquainted with American Girl, it started off as a doll-based means for girls to learn about different periods of U.S. history, but it has developed into a phenomenal retail success story of overpriced Chinese-made junk sold in branded stores in high-end shopping malls (like, oh, say, the Stanford Shopping Center). It’s a big deal for the 9-12 year old crowd.