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Gold Gap

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Well, I’m not sure where Jack is, so I’ll put in a comment cleaner (although it isn’t total junk; this is actually a decent idea): I’ve been waiting for precious metals to close up their gaps. Gold has come close enough for me to take action, so I shorted GLD a little earlier this morning, and I’ve put 114.85 in place as my stop-loss price.


Going for Gold

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It’s been a good day so far (and a comic slap in the face to everything Yellen did yesterday……..just take a look at currency markets). I’m balancing my zillions of shorts with carefully-selected longs, and the best charts to my eyes are precious metals and miners. I’m long gold and a variety of gold miners. Gold seems to have a pretty easy path up, at least for a few points: (more…)

Gold Sucks!

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By Biiwii

Ben Kramer-Miller, a fundamental gold stock analyst who I keep an eye on, recently had an article at SeekingAlpha called Gold’s Bull Run Has Not Yet Begun. I remember taking note of the title when it came out, but as is usually the case I did not have the time, nor the inclination to read it. I like to keep my own thoughts square and balanced and don’t need other peoples’ thoughts on gold clouding my own.

But as I was fooling around over at the St. Louis Fed’s website (it is recommended that geeks register for a free account) doing the following charts I remembered ‘oh jeez, I think somebody’s already on this topic’. So I checked it out and sure enough he did gold vs. the Monetary Base using a graphic from the also-recommended MacroTrends website. Anyway, preamble behind us we move on…