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It’s Not Getting Any Smaller

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I would like to make my own modest effort to put to rest a trite little phrase that gets trotted out every time silver and gold are getting trashed (which has been the case for years now). “I just checked, and my pile hasn’t gotten any smaller.”

These precious metals kooks – sometimes called “stackers” (since they stack up coins, as well as losses) somehow make the point that since their physical asset hasn’t changed shape or amount, it hasn’t really dropped in value. Not in a real sense. Honest Injun.


Gold Gap

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Well, I’m not sure where Jack is, so I’ll put in a comment cleaner (although it isn’t total junk; this is actually a decent idea): I’ve been waiting for precious metals to close up their gaps. Gold has come close enough for me to take action, so I shorted GLD a little earlier this morning, and I’ve put 114.85 in place as my stop-loss price.


Going for Gold

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It’s been a good day so far (and a comic slap in the face to everything Yellen did yesterday……..just take a look at currency markets). I’m balancing my zillions of shorts with carefully-selected longs, and the best charts to my eyes are precious metals and miners. I’m long gold and a variety of gold miners. Gold seems to have a pretty easy path up, at least for a few points: (more…)