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You may have seen a mention somewhere about the nearly 1,300-page PowerPoint presentation that entrepreneur Ryan Allis put together.

I’ve considered myself an entrepreneur ever since I was a teenager, although the only “real” business I started (and sold……..) was Prophet Financial, back in early 2005. Slope of Hope is sort of a business (revenue, profits, tax returns, and all that stuff) but, let’s face it – - Slope is just me – - so it’s not really a “business”, although it does keep bread on the table.

Anyway, I’m skimming this giant presentation, and although a good portion of it consists of obvious notions and values, there are a few gems here and there. I like this slide in particular: (more…)

Songs From Liquid Days

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I humbly offer one of my favorite albums ever recorded; it is brilliant (composed by Philip Glass with lyrics by Paul Simon, Suzanne Vega, David Byrne and Laurie Anderson.) Perfect for trading……..

The man is awake now
He can’t get to sleep again.
So he repeats these words
Over and over again:
Bravery. Kindness. Clarity.
Honesty. Compassion. Generosity.
Bravery. Honesty. Dignity.
Clarity. Kindness. Compassion.

The Juliet Letters

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Having written something like 14,000 posts over the years, I don’t necessarily remember everything I’ve ever told you, but – - at the risk of repeating myself – - I wanted to say that the Juliet Letters is one of the most brilliant albums of all time. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since it came out (many years ago), and I’d urge you to check it out. Simply stated, it’s Elvis Costello with the Brodsky Quartet, performing a suite of his own original writing. Genius………You can pick it up at Amazon, of course. Here’s just one of the songs: