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Suggestion for Hillary Campaign Theme

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I’ve got to be gone for three freakin’ hours for end-of-year school conferences, so in the meantime, I offer you Rush’s The Big Money, with particularly germane lyrics boldfaced:

Big money goes around the world
Big money underground
Big money got a mighty voice
Big money make no sound
Big money pull a million strings
Big money hold the prize
Big money weave a mighty web
Big money draw the flies


What a Voice!

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If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot) is a favorite song of mine. I was curious if there was anything on YouTube with him doing a live performance of this song. This is often a disappointing search, since 95% of the time I seek a live performance of anything, I get is a lip-synched schtick with the performer standing in front of the microphone. Not this time. This is simply amazing. (And thank heavens this is preserved; I found a clip from 2010 of him singing the same song, and suffice it to say the one below is the one worth remembering).