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I Will Fight the Fight and Win the War

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What a great day! I have 73 short positions – – Seventy. Three – – almost every one of them nicely in the green. My portfolio was up 5% on the day, and the Trump/Kim battle is only in its earliest stages. How exciting! I’m going to go practice the guitar a bit to toughen up my once-tender fingers and share another song with you – – this one a white bread version, but very well-done.

Tim Goes Hip Hop

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Well, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? I am holding a butcher knife, crimson with blood, and the bodies of equity bulls are strewn about me. Make every day for the next 8 years just like today, and I’ll call it even.

Since I have absolutely no buying power left, I’m just having fun. Hamilton has definitely renewed my interest in music – – so much so that I’ve taken up the guitar again (hence the callouses on my fingertips, to match my heart). Enjoy:

Sacred Harp

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In Cold Mountain, which is a favorite movie of mine, there is a scene fairly early on in which parishioners are singing I’m Going Home in their new-completed church. I had never heard the song before (in spite of years of church-going and being part of severals choirs), and I’d never even seen the style of singing, in which the participants rhythmically moved their open palms up and down to the music.