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Marvelously Depressing

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I’m sure pretty much all of you have seen a-ha’s “Take On Me” video, which enjoys half a billion views on YouTube alone. That was the golden age of music videos (which I was lucky enough to live through).

I stumbled upon the video below, in which lead singer Morten Harket does the same song “unplugged”. First off, the guy’s voice has held up amazingly well. I remember watching a video of Crash Test Dummies a few years after they were big, and holy Lord, Brad Roberts’ voice has gone downhill so bad it just broke my heart. Anyway, check this out:

I’m stuck by several things:

  • How good the lyrics are; it’s easy to lose that with the original recording;
  • What a different feel the song has when sung at this pace and with these emotions;
  • How depressing it is to see a young icon from the 80s as a man approaching 60. But I’m eventually going to grasp the concept that time indeed does march on – – slowly learning that life is OK.

Tom Petty – Rest in Peace

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The above is one of my favorite songs from The Traveling Wilburys, a supergroup in which Petty was a part. Tom Petty’s line – – “Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring – maybe a diamond ring” has special meaning for me, because after I got engaged, my fiance and I were driving along, and I played this song, squeezing her hand when Petty sang that line.

I Will Fight the Fight and Win the War

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What a great day! I have 73 short positions – – Seventy. Three – – almost every one of them nicely in the green. My portfolio was up 5% on the day, and the Trump/Kim battle is only in its earliest stages. How exciting! I’m going to go practice the guitar a bit to toughen up my once-tender fingers and share another song with you – – this one a white bread version, but very well-done.

Tim Goes Hip Hop

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Well, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? I am holding a butcher knife, crimson with blood, and the bodies of equity bulls are strewn about me. Make every day for the next 8 years just like today, and I’ll call it even.

Since I have absolutely no buying power left, I’m just having fun. Hamilton has definitely renewed my interest in music – – so much so that I’ve taken up the guitar again (hence the callouses on my fingertips, to match my heart). Enjoy: