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Joyous Music

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For the many years Slope has been around, quite a few Christmas traditions return year after year (which means, no, you will not escape Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in 2016 either). Here is my favorite Christmas song of all, which means it’s the diametric opposite of The Little Drummer Boy. Thank you, Vince Guaraldi. Today I especially need to hear this!

Lofty Oil

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Howdy from Georgetown, the charming college town near D.C. The weather is perfect here, and one of my beloved children is with me as we soak in the ambience. (I even got recognized on the street by a chap walking his beautiful dog, Lola.)

In between the soaking, though, there is, of course, trading. Crude oil continues to explode higher. Why did this headline not shock me?