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Sacred Harp

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In Cold Mountain, which is a favorite movie of mine, there is a scene fairly early on in which parishioners are singing I’m Going Home in their new-completed church. I had never heard the song before (in spite of years of church-going and being part of severals choirs), and I’d never even seen the style of singing, in which the participants rhythmically moved their open palms up and down to the music.


Revel in Devo’s Awesomeness

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Have you ever put your hand in the pocket of some pants or jacket and found cash in there you had forgotten about? It’s a nice surprise. That’s how I felt yesterday when I stumbled across this album on YouTube. I had listened to this thing endlessly in my younger years, and playing it yesterday, I couldn’t get over how good it was. So, yeah, it has nothing to do with trading, but give it a listen if you need some music in the background while staring at charts today.